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  1. I don't miss highschool at all. I hated school.
  2. One of my favorite video game series is the Japanese beat em up hack and slash video game series Dynasty Warriors which is an adaptation of the classic Chinese "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" which is a romanced adaptation of the real war of the Three Kingdoms of China.
  3. Each season of Kingdom becomes better. You can watch "Kingdom" on websites such as : 9anime.to 123anime.ru gogoanime.so kiss-anime.ws
  4. I recommend you to the American Marvel super hero television series "Daredevil". Marvel's Daredevil | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix :
  5. I recommend you "Kingdom" which is the best manga for me : Kingdom Season 3 | Now on AnimeLab! :
  6. I always recommend to watch the longest version of any movie or series. If you are afraid to watch television series about the war of the Three Kingdoms of China that are more than 30 episodes long then I recommend you to watch the extended version of the Hongkongese movie "Red Cliff" that came out in 2 parts in 2008 and 2009. Red Cliff Official HD Trailer John Woo Film : The live-action Chinese television series "Secret of the Three Kingdoms" that came out in 2018 lacks action. The longest version of 54 episodes long. Secrets of
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