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  1. am I a cold heartless person or JuKyung is too easily cry? i mean at their scene airport.. i never imagine myself crying over a boyfriend whose parent is dying..like yeah i feel sad for him, but not until the point where I cry.. and also, JuKyung is brave. she dare to use white pants to run around the beach. imagine what a disaster the pant after the date
  2. they are still high school student. so perhaps they should stay singles until graduation. lol
  3. looking at OYH now, I guess we know from where RN inherit her ungrateful behaviour
  4. why do I want to scream at OYH "you richardsimmons".. and she does look very stupid during the big presentation when Logan does not come. and at some point I do hope BRN is the one dead, so OYH will be hurt
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