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  1. Yeah.. even I didn’t see any sparks between Leo and Reba. I have just finished 2nd episode of TLB and it’s okay so far. Reba looks gorgeous. And I don’t know how things are in China but holding someone’s hand especially when passing through a group is acceptable usually. And in this case the equation between Leo and Reba is super platonic. And he is not a creep like JH for Reba to keep her distance. So she is just chill around him and that shows. Does it appear like they are interested in each other. Not at all. Maybe it’s coz of age but even if it’s not, producers know trying to sell them as
  2. If only they knew that even ZBB is an OG guagre shippers. And if anything he and ZY have been shipping them wayyyyyy before any of us even realized it. So I don’t care or mind their rumors with Reba coz they are V’s bros. YY and R are super aloof with each other. But JH is another story all together. He is a creep and it shows.
  3. Hmm.. I had read about her cheating on her husband and that was that. Didn’t know she was so violent. Why was she not booked for assault? Such an incident should have ended her career. Just like how rotten fish’s ex incident should have ended his career. But I guess these people can just play with the system because they have so much money. Sad. But atleast V and R are not like that. The vlog is super cute. My roommate compares Vengo to an apple. She says he looks so crisp that she wants to bite him. She is a chef so all her analogies are related to food, but I laughed so hard.
  4. If you see other videos of Vengo with Zhang, I saw some on insta, you’ll see that he doesn’t interact with her much otherwise. When they are not rehearsing or doing a scene, he just stands around silently or if she if Zhang is busy talking to someone he just moves away. I don’t think there is anything going on there. Infact Vengo is actually quite friendly with his female colleagues otherwise and it’s very platonic. He maintains his distance and all. I have seen that in BTS from Legends of Fuyao, Candle in the wind, Looking towards the sun and Miss. S. Maybe because those women also treat him
  5. I know! There is no news at all about them. And I don’t like commenting on women and their character but I’m not sure if Kitty Zhang has the best reputation. So it’s rather unfortunate that there are rumors of V and her. But if you look at some behind the camera available on insta, they don’t even seem like friends.. yet. Like V treated his costar from his previous shows with more warmth. He sometimes just leaves the frame she is in. And I personally think V has become more conscious about his public image. V is an amazing guy and all but I feel like when Reba was more popular, she d
  6. Thanks for the info.. and yes it will be wishful thinking. But which other couples are there ? I really wasn’t paying attention to any other couple. And I hope I can be excused for that But another good news below. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKRMmPcFpMU/?igshid=1qmpcq806he6q Couple of the year at BliBli.. I’m not sure if it’s a big deal or not. But this is a sign that they are definitely marketable as a lead pair and people should be lining up to sign them up.
  7. So how does the process of making this into a movie work. Clearly someone has to buy the rights for the book and then make it into a movie. Hope no one else has the guts to buy it and create their own version of DongFeng. It just wouldn’t fly. And adding to it the filming time and editing time. So even in best case scenario, we wouldn’t have a series this year. I think even the writer was missing watching our GuangRe together.
  8. I’m glad he is doing a lot of work. Lately all the work he was doing was with actresses who were not that young and I was wondering if it was deliberate or was he not being offered roles with younger lead actresses. But I guess that’s about to change with this drama. But I’d rather have him not work with Yang Zi. I don’t know why but I don’t like her. But I guess he is hit right now and everyone wants a piece of him. GR better give us a GX soon. Otherwise there will be speculations of trouble in paradise.
  9. This is one of my favorite videos of them. Just shows how devoted she is to him. And I’m sorry but this is not how you would treat a friend. That sense of urgency only comes for a person you love. Hmm.. thanks for clarifying.. I wasn’t sure how and what the seating arrangement meant.
  10. Isn’t that a good thing. Because he is doing so much work now. I guess it was high time for him to leave esp if JX was shortchanging him. But even if he hasn’t, will that have any affect on his career. Considering he is doing pretty well. 5 dramas last year apparently and few more lined up for next year. That’s amazing. On the other hand not sure about Reba and her contract. I have a question to ask though which I guess I should have asked few pages ago. In the tencent award ceremony. Who was Reba sitting with ? Was it Yang Mi ? She looked too alone. Also, correct me if I’m wrong here, b
  11. A new joined here from Canada. Just curious, how can one legally handle such toxic fan culture? I mean it’s one thing to not like them as a couple, but it’s criminal to plot and give out death threats. And must the party involved be the only one reporting it? Can’t others report such actions to cyber crime department? If few fans are taken to task, celebrities and every sensible person can breath well. Coz fans/haters cannot turn hostile and violent to this degree
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