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  1. 18? I've actually lost a cup size since training but I've gained weight. I think I've gained muscle? I'm a lot happier with my body now though. I used to always want to have bigger boobs but small boobs are really convenient in martial arts hehe
  2. Los Angeles... New York seems too crowded. Marry your best friend or marry your lover?
  3. when you're happy with your own company sounds like a paradox but when you love yourself then you will have a better time dating because you won't settle for people out of loneliness (i speak from my experience and mistakes so yahh haha) exercise: say 20 compliments to yourself/ 20 things you love about yourself. bonus points if you're talking to yourself in the mirror. extra bonus points if you're naked in the mirror haha - yep gotta love your own body! haha
  4. This song gives me hope whilst living at home with parents Their love story is so cute <3
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