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  1. Lol seems like the ship is sailing smoothly. I mean we already knew they took photos at the same places haha. Ugh...I honestly can't understand c-drama fans. Why are they so mean and stupid? Jaywalk and Yang Yang's studio had to issue joint statement for the fans to calm the eff down. Like it's a drama? Their jobs are to perform the drama...why the need to attack the actors personally? Who want fans like that honestly? Yang Yang and R have been nothing but professional with each other. Sigh. Well given how toxic these "fans" can be, it's really no wonder that V and
  2. Allen Ren is married with a kid, so it is really not a huge deal to wish him happy birthday, as the chances of it being misconstrued is pretty low. V and R used to flirt with each other quite a bit over Weibo back in the day, and V once wished her happy birthday in a filmed video for her big birthday bash that she put on for Alices for I think her 27th day (apparently some her fans booed him for it...not that she was paying attention to their petty hate...she was grinning like a little school girl in luv lol). I don't usually ship actors irl. This is more the case that
  3. I think the likelihood of Reba doing an in house production anytime soon is very low at this moment. After The Long Ballad she is shooting two costume dramas back to back I think. I do not think we will see her with Vengo again, unless, they decide to do adapt the Pillowbook extra. To me it would be a little strange for them to collaborate again as different characters, because they were so iconic as Dong Hua and Bai Fengjiu. To many they ARE Dijun and XiaoBai. Haha...acted too well for their own good!
  4. Haha. But she also placed her head on Su Moye's shoulder in ELOD as well. I always just thought that other actors were just too short for her to do this, as she is kind of tall herself. She can only do this if the actor is tall basically. Haha This guy will be her teacher of some sort in The Long Ballad (which is so good btw! They have gotten really great reviews. And I am just loving the overall drama. Everyone is just fantastic in it! I haven't skipped a single scene, which is a first for me in c-drama.)
  5. @chloenynn there is no need to doubt or feel conflicted! Even in the most recent happy camp episode, R treat Wu Lei as she would any other costar. They were clearly told to be extra friendly with each other during the livestream to drum up CP chemistry, as people claiming they don't got none in the drama. The "intimacy" is clearly manufactured. Cuz honestly I saw none of it in their BTS or any other interviews to date. They were just putting on a show. Which is fine. That's what they paid to do, right? Sell us a fantasy. But you're right, she does feel comfortable with Wu Lei, cuz ain't no on
  6. @Lovemercury I believe it was in a recent livestream. I don't speak chinese so I am just going off the info in @Fong 's post about the recent sugar. It is was explained in an Instagram post, but I believe the account is private. I requested to follow a while back. Took her a while to approve my request though.
  7. Lol did V actually say he wanted to film another 80 episodes of ELOD? Sorry...but that isn't subtle at all. Lmaof. 80 more episodes of teasing and flirting with a certain little fox...hahaha. Trust me, there are some of us that would love to see that. Now that pillowbook extra is out I hope they at least make a miniseries or a movie. Xiao Bai and GunGun go back to the past and meet Donghua from the past. Donghua of course falls in love with her all over again. So cute.
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