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  1. Me too! I got the notification but no new story when I clicked in it. I clicked only a couple of minutes later! it happened again just now! I am holding my phone and cannot see the story when I clicked on it immediately!
  2. The swoon has restarted the couple awards. Please vote again for our best cp. think about all the receipts we got with theswoon interviews! Fighting!
  3. If you click on your ig account name on your ig screen , you can easily add accounts. It is one vote per account for the 24 hours for that ig story! please vote! The swoon videos gave us so much crumbs! Binjin deserves this! My thought exactly! The swoon videos is such an important part of our binjin ship! We need to win this!
  4. You can create 5 accounts with the same credentials! Please vote for our cp! We have the most views on the swoon. We SHOULD win this!
  5. Please vote on theswoon ig for our favorite cp! We lost 6% points within the past few hours! We need your help!
  6. All I can say would be to slap them with the LA grocery pictures! That is just hardcore proof!
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