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  1. All we know about Yoo In Na 's role in the upcoming Snowdrop drama is she will be going to play the role of a surgeon named Kang Chung Ya ( a doctor ) and that's all we already knew from the news and write ups since Yoo In Na don't have any social media accounts. I hope she will be having at least one soon just like other korean stars. Yoo In-na Yoo In-na She looks like a Barbie Doll in this photo wearing that simple pink feathery dress & outfit. She really shines in any fashion styles she wear with her long beautiful legs and I like t
  2. MBC's The Spies Who Loved Me starring Yoo In Na, Eric Mun and Lim Ju Hwan is iQIYI Original and I hope it could also be watched in other platforms too someday. I wanted a Season 2 where Derek Hyun played by Lim Ju Hwan will be back on the life of her wife Kang Ah Reum played by Yoo In Na in the drama series and also what happened to Derek Hyuns mother and to Tinker too. Lim Ju Hwan and Yoo In Na ( as Derek Hyun and Kang Ah Reum ) in The Spies Who Loved Me I was also amazed by the great onscreen chemistry of Yoo In Na and her secon
  3. Kdrama title : The Spies Who Loved Me Casts : Yoo In Na, Eric Mun and Lim Ju Hwan Genres : Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama Network : MBC Date Aired : October 21 - December 17, 2020 In the korean drama, The Spies Who Loved Me, Yoo In Na had a scene where she was doing a sport which is target shooting, it said that it was Kang Ah Reum's stress reliever. I loved the story of The Spies Who Loved Me because it has many twists in the story and many big revelations too. Yoo In Na ( as Kang Ah Reum ) One t
  4. I also wanted Yoo In Na to have a period drama where she will going to wear like this one. If you really miss Yoo In Na, try to watch again one of her drama series titled " Queen In Hyun's Man " also known as Queen And I. You will surely loved it. This is from the scene from Queen In Hyunsman also known as Queen And I aired on 2012 where Yoo In Na was the female lead and her leading men were Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Jin Woo. While re-watching it, for me, I find it that Yoo In Na had more chemistry on her second leading man Kim Jin Woo so I want them to
  5. @officialyinph posted on their Instagram Account @officialyinph [ #LovingYooEveryDay | Day o6 of 30 ] 5th of June just ended, but a day is not enough to send wishes for our queen.... Everyday is worth loving yoo Who do you love the most? #LovingYoo #HappyYooInNaDay #YooInNa #유인나 #YGStage #YG #YGActress Photo ctto @officialyinph Link https://www.instagram.com/p/CPvu3ekN_em/?utm_medium=copy_link comment your answer on the link above. (Photo ctto @officialyinph )
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOO IN NA Born : June 6, 1982 Korean Dramas and TV shows Snowdrop Phone Cleansing The Spies Who Loved Me Touch Your Heart 7.7 Billion in Love Funding Together Blind Date Cafe / Cafe Amor Goblin My Secret Hotel One More Happy Ending My Love From The Star Secret Garden 2 The Greatest Love Get It Beauty Queen In Hyunsman / Queen & I Heroes High Kick Through The Rooftop Movies: New Year
  7. Pizza Maru posted on their Official Instagram account a greetings for their new brand ambassador, Yoo In Na. Happy Birthday Yoo In Na photo credit to @pizzamaruofficial on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CPuCIuDH1HP/?utm_medium=share_sheet You can also comment on Pizza Maru official IG and greet Yoo In Na a happy birthday.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOO IN NA On June 5, Yoo In Na will be celebrating her special day, her birthday. Wishing her good health, more success in her career and happiness in life. #LovingYoo #HappyBirthdayYooInNa
  9. Yoo In Na photo ctto It's already June and it's the birth month of Yoo In Na ( June 5 ). Let us greet her on our social media acounts like on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What's your wish for her on her birthday? Happy Birthday Yoo In Na ( June 5 ) You make every day brighter. Your very natural, charming and beautiful smiles that captivated the hearts of many. Wishing you good health and happiness on your coming birthday! Hoping for more projects like dramas a
  10. Yoo In Na Yoo In Na ( photos credit to the owner ) One thing about Yoo In Na was she's a very private person/actress. She wanted not to have any official accounts for Instagram, Twitter or any so shes very hard to follow by her fans. I wonder why and what is her real reason behind that. Other korean celebrities or actressess are being followed by their fans and followers on IG or twitter but Yoo In Na don't have and we don't know where to follow her. We relied only on news updates and her agency. I think it's not to late for Yoo In Na to create her
  11. Was that really already final ? December is very late. They planned it to be released in 2021 but Snowdrop will be aired on December? I taught it will be on the 2nd quarter of 2020 and now you said it will be at the end of 2021 ? Regarding the idea of Yoo In Na having another drama this year.... let's wait and see, it's up to her and if offers will come to her.
  12. 7 Days before Yoo In Na 's birthday!!! ( June 5 ). What's your birthday wishes for her? Yoo In Na photos in 2019 Touch Your Heart kdrama. Advance Happy Birthday Yoo In Na ( June 5 )
  13. Yoo In Na 's birthday is coming! She will celebrate her birthday on June 5, 2021 and I have an idea, let us make a collage or a collection of your favorite pictures of her just like what I will post. You can have maximum of 9 photos and minimum of 6 photos. Here is the one I made and I will post it on the day of her birthday on my IG an Twitter account. You can also post yours. Thank you.
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