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  1. @CamelliaLadyAren't you a spartace shipper when you comment on YouTube
  2. i like how KJK protect JSM but if keeps happening i think it will make not fair for some people. maybe some people will think "why KJK always protect JSM. its just variaty show and you must accept if get punish" I'm a fan of RM and I love Kookmin. My personal opinion as of kookmin fan is i like how KJK protect JSM and interaction between them but as RM fan if KJK always help JSM it will ruin the show itself because people watch RM not watch kookmin. sorry if my english is bad
  3. Look conversation between YSC and KJK at 00:08:30-00:08:33. "I will ruin everything for you ( english sub )"
  4. maybe because victim mentality statement from the previous day
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