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  1. i really can't wait for this drama to be aired. i read that is drama based on a book. anybody ever read the book? coz i'm confused i read this is about a divorced couple with a son
  2. don't ever said that. if he only can be intimate with reba that means he's not professional actor. he has to intimate to other actreeses base on the script. i know we all love R & V.
  3. hey guys, j just watched youtube's saranghae official hd (i don't know how to posted in here) it's about drama "warm & sweet" starring victoria song, gg, sunny wang. is that true?
  4. what's wrong with asian fans? China, Hk, Taiwan, Korea, Japan they all crazy with their idol. from Andy lau, aaron kwok until now the fans never changed for their idol obssation. this is the reason i don't want v pairing with r in anything (although i really happy if they r in a relationship). and r didn't do anything either makes me angry why doesnt she tell her fans that v is only friend? coz with all r costar only v got hammerd very bad. ok. this year is my 1st time liking a chinese actor ( i always like hollywood) so i don't know why v & r got this "gossip" if they r cou
  5. is kuaishou id number random or we chose the number by ourself? btw, i read couple months ago that on 31 dec 2020 vengo & reba will attend NYE celebration on tv station ( there's their name on it) but now i saw that v will be singing with zhao lusi on the NYE & the whale guy also happend to be in the same celebration with v & thers's no reba?
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