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  1. Hi everyone. Stopping by to share a worth thread to read about The Man, our beloved HyunBin, a good person to Yejin. Credit goes to sha from twitter, who took an effort to translate the book from Indonesian language to English. 10 years ago, on March 7, 2011 Hyunbin chose to be enlisted into the toughest military services among all to serve as a good citizen to his country. It wasn't an easy decision though, he left everything which includes his fame at the peak of his career, where actually he could asked for postponement. But he is so determined to be enlisted as to
  2. Everyone still over the moon, swooning from BinJin Smart TVC and Smart BTS footage. Here's a quick update on BinJin's TL with Smart. Excerpt from MetroStyle Magazine. Dec, 2020 - BinJin signed contract Jan 12, - Smart TVC Shooting Jan 22, - Smart Audio recording & photoshoot. Now, that explained to fans curiosity on BinJin's schedules last month especially after Yejin's birthday on Jan, 11. There's more interesting facts. BinJin signed the contract with Smart in Dec, 2020. The TVC storyboard was also prepared in the same month, per
  3. Happiness really looks good on them, it radiates from within. Shows that you are very much settled and contented. Me thinking of BinJin sharing the same space, breathing the same air 1- Netflix Japan interviews 2- Yejin's APAN speech 3- Bin and Jin Lunar New Year Greetings To conclude literally Bin with Jin, and Jin with Bin at anytime, anyplace. Don't fight me. Hahahaha
  4. Just dropping by to share with all, we hit 1.1M views less than 24hrs. Facts, it did hit 1M views just before the midnight. Well done everyone. Let's continue stream via all platform. FB, IG and YT too. To know this CF geolocked in PH, but with BinJin permission Smart open this to all regions, literally for us their precious fans from all over the world. They love us so much. They break the barriers and open to all their true love and happiness. How can't you not love them? There's more to see. Let's wait patiently what is in store for us
  5. Let's chill everyone. Here my takes about HB purchased and moved in new penthouse. Apparently, this leaked news in a way of helping to clear the baseless rumors HB had months before the dating news confirmation. The headlines trending in Naver, top chart every 5 minutes seen. Since the dating news broke, everyone is keep eyeing on HB & YJ. Every single things or details does matter. Unlike other couples, this two are cherished by many. Not only SoKor local people but the entire globe. Every single news about them are single hit, because of high curiosity. Anyway, when both HB
  6. How's your heart is doing? I'm still not over from HyunBin's Daesang Award acceptance speech. This edit made by his Japanese fan is too beautiful to be shared. She/deserved a credit. Even it's not translated, I'm sure we all knew the contents by heart. His speech so pure, full of respect and love. His thanked speech to each and everyone involved from Directors, sunbaenim (senior actors) hoonbaenim (junior actors) and finally his best partner Son Yejin perfectly compiled into this clip. Just to know 26th is a lover(s) day in which boyfriend and girlfriend wi
  7. Good morning! How's everyone doing? I'm very sure all of us still in clouds 9 & disbelief. But the best part, after all the whining about the Amazer, we can finally at ease, smiling from ears to ears. It's beyond happiness and grateful isn't it? It's BINJIN NATIONS winning too. Congratulations to both supporting actor Kim Young Min and actress Kim Sun Yong who both portrayed their characters very well in CLOY. Congratulations to our dearest Yejin, who happily received her KTN seezn star award. Her warm speech always not forget to thank her fans for the hard work at
  8. It's been a week since my last login and TWO WEEKS after Binjin dating announcement. More and more k-media talked about them. They not only discussed but cheering for them to tie the knot and have everlasting love. It's a very rare case in K-Ent industry. Let's recall to this interview during TN golden Era. The MC who called HB as bridgeroom never thought his gut and words soon to become true. He posted the video hours ago and wishes them happy life. SOFT REMINDER. Pls don't harrass his personal IG, if you know his account or put someone else under pressur
  9. I SECOND TO THIS. How we are blessed for being part of this journey. We are no longer BINJIN SHIPPERS but BINJIN STANS! Let's give an applause to everyone. It wasn't easy to endure ups and downs, handling emotions especially during drought seasons. To those who never got swayed and wavered despites of numerous attacks, congratulations for the strong trust and faith. BINJIN nations win! We are more than proud when there's more and more people celebrating. Facts hundreds of articles in South Korea alone covered their stories. Not to mention ot
  10. Hi everyone, It's day 6 of celebration. I'm still in awe of this two. Seems like I'm reading a fairy tale, but hey no they are REAL for life. While we are still in the midst of joy, I hope everyone here should aware about some fans who still can't except both Bin and Jin are an ITEM now. Let's help to report the account who are spread hate and threat if you come across on any SNS. Let's protect our precious BINJIN at all costs. Pls watch and be extra careful when you post, repost, tweet or retweet news or update about BINJIN. Especially when you aren't sure enough ab
  11. Happy new year! Happy sailing Binjin nations. BAEKSANG period is the best! A picture speak volumes. The facts, Yejin liking spree afterwards is a way her of telling others. And yes no subsequent denials were issued then. Wishing both of them lots lots lots of happiness and success be it as two or individual. Let's make this 2021 the best year ever. To a much brighter, happier and successful year everyone.
  12. With all the hype to the success of CLOY & synchronized updates from both parties Vast & MS Team, Bin and Jin similar answers to the interviews we can surely secured this ship is smoothly sailings. For whatever it is, both Bin & Jin deserved a continuos support be it as an individuals or two. Both have a variety skills in talents, good personality and certain auras that not so many have. Those persona made them loved by many. Loving is fine but not possessive and dictates one's life. Remember, even though Bin and Jin are celebrities which spent most of the times in front of cameras
  13. If we are to write down articles, recognitions, recommendations, awards & accolades Binjin and CLOY received throughout 2020 the whole pages won't be enough. Might as well file and documented in PDF. Amazing achievements despites challenging year 2020. For sure there's anti and bashers trying hard to find ways to fit in their narrative. Don't fight them. Our OTP know the exact time when to respond to this antis. Well of course with their synchronized updates again. Their chemistry is just exploded even both had different pictorial shootings.
  14. Happy 1st Anniversary CLOY. If you have a twitter, don't forget to use hashtag #crashlandingONEyou #FirstCLOYversary . It's a trending now. A big applause to all staffs and crews for their sweat, tears and happiness to make CLOY alive as a great masterpiece. @cybertron Couldn't agree with you more. Patiently waiting and praying the best for HB and Yejin. No doubt they have the most unbeatable chemistry. Still acting is their passion and run in their veins and bloods. Working with other actors and actresses is something unavoidable.
  15. CLOY Nation is the best. This tweet post deserved an appreciation. I'm very sure HB, Yejin and all CLOY team members were happy to receive this so much love and support. Jihye @ SeoDan even posted this. And this special arrangements sent to Writer, HB & Yejin. Looks familiar Yejin's bouquet? 2 days to CLOY 1st anniversary. The invitation card already reached to respective casts including Writer Park Ji Eun. Hope they are able to see the giant billboard at COEX soon.
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