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  1. Hi guys... Long time not in here. I have health problems & just keep quiet but i read all about ldwyin n Yoo Inna thread. I just want to say, we better wait for 'Single In Seoul' to release. I don't think ldw would say that I'm in a relationship right now. And for celebrities, it’s common to say that they don’t have a relationship even if they have a gf or bf, like yin once said "if i have a bf, i will say i don't have one". I don't think ldwyin will get married now. Moreover, ldw adding new fans. The 3 -year period that yin told has not yet arrived. It's all about time. I don't think
  2. Yes...maybe. jhw is a singer, can sing & play guitar very well & also an actor. Ohh...he had romcom drama last year. He always sang for yin in the past. it's not impossible for ldw to be jealous & also wants to be a singer (frontman of a rock band). But to me...he better take care of Inna's heart sincerely. Please be faithful
  3. Hi @innayoooos Why I love/like in Yoo In Na: 1. Lovely personality (beautiful in & out) 2. Kind hearted (to everyone around her) 3. Cool, calm & rilex 4. Stable, mature & not easily angered 5. Always donate to those in need 6. Good acting (I love her acting) and many more. And for sure: 7. Beautiful 8. Sweet 9. Cute 10. Sweet smile 11. Cheerful 12. Humble and many more.
  4. YIN is gorgeously beautiful, cute, sweet, cheerful today on hyundai + dingo program. She has a nice & pleasant voice, really love it. I wish ldw is 'still standing' & stay with her forever. Ameen
  5. OMG...She is gorgeously beautiful, cute, sweet & cheerful.Her voice was very pleasant to hear. I love you, Inna. Wish you always happy, success & can see you many many more times.
  6. Hi guys...tqvm 4 inviting me. Luv to be in here. I luv YIN ❤...anddd hurmm YIN+ldw
  7. Hi...I love YIN. Please invite me if you create In na thread only. Tqvm ❤
  8. Hi... I saw it earlier. A small rabbit next to a small teddy bear. Written there...I respect, appreciate and love. I guess she deleted it. But I don't know what exactly she wants to tell & point to who, not sure to ldw. Hurmm, I thinkkk...she likes ldw. Is there any woman who doesn't? But...i'm not sure about ldw, maybe a little, a lot, I don't know, because he's always friendly & shows love to all men/women including stroking their hair & hugging them. Anyone can misinterpret their relationship by looking at bts, video of tont. I remember produce x ioi 2019, ldw caress &
  9. Hi guys... I really want to tell you all about what I feel & think. So I typed again. Why until now I still feel they r still together. This is what I noticed recently: 1. After shooting the drama tont, they will definitely celebrate ldw's birthday together on November 6. 2. In ldw christmas Vlive, he stated "it feels like you need to meet someone and see the sunrise". It was December 23. So, I think they will meet before Christmas. 3. YIN says she's no longer jealous like what kwon jung rok wants oh jin shim do in tyh. I'm sure ldw also doesn't want yin jealous because
  10. Hi guys... I think ldw & yin r still communicating with each other over the phone. We can see they r always taking selfies. He once said that he would update his girlfriend & not make her worry in Wook Talk. About the song 'you were beautiful' that ldw said in his vlive after his drama, I think this is just a song. What matters is how this song describes how beautiful the woman is and how important the woman is to him, can't let go of the woman & with yin played the 'i miss you' song & said that she's not jealous now, i think they r still together but maybe not dating coz
  11. @flashyymalditahyesss the food truck from kge. i always thought that the another truck was from him coz the quote "your love, my love, ahreumdaun yin". i have read from somewhere that ldw loves to listened to the song from day6 'you were beautiful' recently & we all know the name of yin character is 'Ahreum'...hurmmm & the bathrobes, rings & i also agree without food truck for her means that they don't want any speculation like food truck from ldw & jba really make rumors that they r couple to their shipper. They really discussed it & hoped something out of it. i could just
  12. I will really give up on this ship ♡pichicouple♡ if one of them admits they dating or with someone else. For now, I will keep up that they r still together for these reasons: 1. Safety pins 2. Watches 3. Stickers on the script book (especially bears or maybe habits to put stickers) 4. Shoes and many more... Ohh not to forget, yin had mention that she was not jealous (in relationship) & play the 'i miss you' song by soyou when be a radio dj recently. I still believe in them for this time being
  13. I think, he has nothing with jba becoz he is a private person. It was gumiho family food truck to co star brother only. He won't show in public if he has any relationship, like before. if you think he has turned into an open person, it is up to you. I don't think so
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