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  1. Tag part 2 11. Favourite phrase Song Hwa's monologue about the three types of people that exist. 12. scene you cry the most All the patient scenes are heartbreaking. This drama is so good. ~ the mother who loses her bb in the last month and we see the reaction of the other parents. It is a powerful scene. The scene when the baby dies and Jwan asks the parents if they can donate the heart. ~ Parents tell their child that they are not ready to see him die 13. would you like to see more cameos ? Who? Obviously, I wish to see Sun Woo . But I see
  2. Etiquetar lista de reproducción del hospital 1. why you decided to see HP? I'm a big fan of reply 1988. Then I saw a HP GIF in Tumblr and the magic happened... 2. favorite character Gw. She is a great person. She's a self-confident woman, but not proud; she accepts her mistakes and strives to improve. She is good at her job and she is so innocent and pure. I admire her so much. 3. character you identify with Jwan I am a tsundere even though I don't like to accept. what else I can say...? 4. favorite song Confession Is Not Flashy because it's t
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