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  1. Yesss I can relate to you so much. Sometimes I just scream in my room alone why whyyyy just whyyyy. Ahhh miss her so much. Exactly not even one single picture of her. I wonder why is it taking so much time on her part. I hope that she really has a lot of screentime on snowdrop because she is filming for sooooooo long....... I want our wait to be fruited with lots of inna scenes.
  2. Just saw this. So now eugene also taking a new drama. wow !! I just wish that inna has a new drama for us too. almost everyone in snowdrop is already accepting new roles but we have no news about inna. I miss her very much hopefully we will see her before this month ends. It's yoo inna month (june) and we spent it without any inna news, still 12 days remain for inna month to be over !!
  3. Yoo in na ranked 5th on the korean actresses popularity ranking in thier 30's, i think this was some poll result from a voting in japan. I am happy to see that she has fans in japan as well !! https://rankingoo.net/articles/actor/00224a/5 The innocent charm is cute! 5th place is Yoo In Na! Yoo In Na (born June 5, 1982) was selected as the 5th place!In "Goblin- the great and lonley god" , she played Sunny, the president of the chicken shop, and demonstrated her heroine character. The charming performance shines brilliantly in every work! It is also
  4. Some good news. It's good to know that our inna is working in a good atmosphere.
  5. LOL looks like inna is busy shopping for her managers baby these days hahahaha she gifted him another gift. the manager wrote that is inna is more excited for the baby than he is. I love thier relationship <33333 Yess it's a drama. inna is only in supporting role so her scenes are really less. I think it is available on yt
  6. wowwwwwwwwwww she is now on the box of pizzamaru too DAEBAKKKK i want it tooo !!!
  7. Where are you inna unnie?? I miss you so much my happy pill Are you happy now days, because if you are happy i am happy too What are you working on secretly and quietly. Hope you will let us know sooon
  8. ! PIZZAMARU UPDATE ! Please go and like the post on thier ig page : https://www.instagram.com/p/CP64ZPlBper/ ( She looks so pretty, the green bow makes her look even more cute hahahaha ) Pizza Maru's new hot menu Bucket Pizza ⠀#PizzaMaru #NewMenu #BucketPizza #NewMenuBucketPizza #YooInNaPizza #YooInNaBucketPizza⠀It's a combination of jalapeno with a lot of cheddar cheese and savory and salty taste.Authentic cheeseburgers all in one plate!If you look closely, it tastes even better. If you look at it for a long time, you want to eat more.. The overwhelmin
  9. I agree with you too. I see so many people in inna's manager post asking inna to make her own IG but i always think that why? isn't it her choice ? In every interview when she is asked do you want to say something to your fans she always says i am sorry for not being able to communicate with you on SNS and it makes me sad. why is she sorry ? Also to all silent readers of our thread I hope you all are happy and waiting. If you feel alone or need freinds you are always welcome here. I get so happy whenever a new inna fan comes here and says that they were reading this thre
  10. Today i saw this instagram story of amazingyooinna on ig and i thought since we all are feeling a little down i will share with everyone here. I agree with her so much, the wait is always hard but when she returns it's always happy happy. LET'S BE PATIENCE !!
  11. Hmmm let me share my point of view. I really don't think that YG stage will send her a food truck and the manager won't update. I mean when js recieved the food truck he updated on his story, no photo of js but only food truck, same with park soi. So i think if YG sends her a food truck the manager will do the same, he won't post any photo of inna but only the truck as you said that she wants to be private. I think managers do this to show it to people that the agency is good, you know like making people believe YG stage is a good agency LOL. This is just my opinion I agree she's s
  12. Sadly no updates we miss her so much. LOL my prediction of her recieving food trucks also failed. YG stage still didn't sent her any food truck till now But atleast we know she was touched by all the gifts she recieved. We are waiting inna unnie <33
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR QUEEN YOO INNA I wish you happiness, success and good health inna. i also wish that you get everything you want from this universe becaust you truly deserve it. you've worked hard unnie so i am sure you will be repayed. i love yoo <33
  14. OOPS we didn't posted about the pizzamaru posts on our forum. haha i guess everyone is focused on inna's birthday these new pictures look so good waaaaah !!
  15. @LovelyBirdAndYoo Yessss i agree !!! i will change it now <33 I made changes in the post. thankyou for your suggestion !!
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