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  1. I’ve seen this post from Hb’s thread, sharing in here just in case some of us not going to Hb’s thread. Thanks to @willinnette who always post on Hbs’ thread. I really love this photo that was used in that article. This photo for me is one of the many fluttering photos/moments of them, in those times where everyones’ digging receipts for our power couple. Just that second look of them with each other that was captured so nicely. This letter is so true. I have craved korean food like never before after watching CLOY as many of you did too which I read in this timeline befo
  2. @QueenieBee You said it better. Yes, their rel/shp is sacred and it needs to have careful planning and good balance to really grow and lasts. @KimDdalgi Interesting.... It makes the actor profession more respectful I think. @grrly I thought, if I’m not mistaken Hb had one with his ex (xyz) who is considered as popular as him at that time ( this is just thru reading Hbs’ thread as I am a late comer only haha) which was after his WW drama but not sure if thats’ after confirmed dating or before. I don’t know of anyone else as I have been obssessing with Hb and Yejin. In thi
  3. Isn’t this really funny but it hurts too! Haha Vast not permitting BinJin photos in his FTs and M/steam doing this ( I mean cropping Hb in the msteam bts) is really telling us something. Is this how k ent agencies does for a couple? I have only been introduced to k-ent or k-drama because of these two magical couple so I am not aware how it works. Although I noticed k-ents are not into making or promoting love teams either which I like more actually haha I clearly understand tho what they're trying to do. I wouldn’t like it if “BinJin” brand becomes overused or too ex
  4. https://twitter.com/celest1al1/status/1370771821256138756?s=21 Just want to share this from @celest1al Great appreciation for BinJin fans like her who I adore ever since I started just being a lurker here. We’re so lucky that she translates for us but most importantly her love for BinJin should be emulated. I know many of us loves BinJin sincerely and its’ hard to sometimes keep that balance of wanting to have recent updates from our fave couple and keep remembering to do it respectfully. There’s a lot that truly cares for BinJins’ privacy coz m
  5. Just dropping by to say I’m so happy with all the updates I’ve been seeing from our fave best power couple. They’re just so beautiful people. Exudes glowing happiness and I can only hope and wish for their everlasting happiness. They give me overwhelming happiness just by looking at their visuals, haha. I am so excited to see HB in ‘The point men’ and will patiently wait for Yejins’ next project. I know even the k media now are too nosy and excited for their wedding, But I am trusting BinJin of what their plan is. I still think, them waiting after almost a year after CLOY to actual
  6. Annnnd another one. Love the choice of music and how this video was edited. Thanks to many talented pips on this fandom! The non techie old me could just happily share and press likes I just screamed seeing HB at .32 sec then Yejin at .33!
  7. Credit to above twiter act, so funny comment that when Yejin changes poses every second and heres Hb just being steady dead RickRoll'D georgeous! haha They are super duper lovely, cute together!!! Credit to above act. sorry for no originality, just copying paste from twitter land. Just in case some might not have seen this...Yejin can really be feisty, boss lady and a sweetest lady at the same time. And So is Hb, might look like an intimidating handsome guy but can definitely act adorably cute and hilariously funny esp to our yejin I feel so lucky that my first ever cou
  8. Credit to @_ekleona for photo above. How can they be 39?!!! Thank you to everyone and really so nice that we still post in here even though copied from twitter or Instagram. I hope we all continue to do so. Coz this forum is like a diary, you can come back on the timeline and you’ll know their journey. I actually appreciated HB and SYJ individual forum coz i got to know them more and know of their career and a little of their personal journey years back. I have read how different K-ent with regards to couple doing projects together, and I couldn’t thank BinJin enough for agreein
  9. I am always giddy and so happy to read and hear this from a long time fan of either Hb or Yj. I’ve only known them from end of 2019-2020 as I am not in any k-drama or K-ent at all. I only know I have come to love them equally and started searching for them and doing marathon of their respective projects ever since. I couldn’t imagine what I would have felt or feel if they didn’t end up together or haven’t confirmed their rel at all. Must be so hard for those who shipped her or him to someone else before or those who wants her/him by themselves in their fantasy world. Hehe But what I promise my
  10. My admiration to this woman just grows more and more. Part of SYJ interview done last March of 2018 in the article Korea times. I have seen many of her intelligent answers from interviews done in the past but this one for me is one of the best. No wonder she is where she is now #20YRSWITHSONYEJIN How far #MeToo will go? And what kind of changes will it bring? Asked about the issue, popular actress Son Ye-jin did not answer immediately. She paused with her head down and right hand holding her chin. After several seconds, she spoke in a low and serio
  11. Such a nice video edit in the last part of Hbs’ speech. His subtle ways.... Saying Finally to put emphasis on this part of his speech, mentioning SYJ name, twice, even though we all know Yoon seri is Yejin to complement her twice! And using Gomapta instead of kamsahamnida to say thank you to her which apparently less formal way of saying thank you for family or close friend! No cheesy/tacky lines. Just me thinking as well that after Cloy, they both made sure to keep their dating/ relationship strictly under wraps, so the whole of 2020 as we’ve seen, all the accolades , news, awards
  12. Congratulations Hyun Bin!! So deserving. He truly is a perfectionist even in his speeches. I find that he seemed to really prepare and organise how well he’ll deliver it. Nobody's perfect but my goodness, he is maybe the exception lol @Seriya , Theres’ something about this man that so interesting to me, (not a long time fan and just trying to really know him for only a year now) He definitely look extremely serious even in Baeksang, and some observed him to be looking a little tired too. I really want to know what he is feeling on awards. Is he nervous? Which I doubt coz he looks
  13. Credit to the above all so witty BinJin fandom! Coz its’ sooo meee too!!! its’ crazzyyyy fun in this BinJin world. I am literally laughing soooo hard
  14. Yess!! Watched this countless times! And bookmarked! plus all their Interviews, fmvs, and videos. They are just beaming with happiness . Please stay inlove you two!!!!
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