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  1. Hi everyone, Discussion from Thequoo, After the news that actress Song Hye Kyo confirmed to join writer Kim Eun Sook's new drama was announced on yesterday (January 5), some previously posted rumors were noticed by Knetizens. . A post on December 27, 2020 on theqoo : “The male lead in writer Kim Eun Sook's drama this time has discussed, he is Won Bin. News will probably be published in January ”. Another post on December 25, 2020 also revealed the names of the two main leads in writer Kim Eun Sook's new drama whose initials are
  2. I’m busy so that I just can only come here today. I hope admins wouldnt delete my posts. What a noisy new year for you. I noticed that you have been online several times on that day. It must be annoy when being on hotsearch weibo by things didn’t relate to you. That night, you stayed up late too. First, I’m sorry to bring you on that mess. I was blind Kyo. Now I have opened my eyes. I regret that I even find reasons for those harass comments about you on that instagram account. I realized that the love I thought was real love, destination love is actually
  3. I believe in my audience In fact, to me, a compliment is something far away and not everyone can receive it. Every time I read negative comments about myself online, I think that giving a compliment is not what I wish then I can get it. Well, as long as everyone doesn't scold me, that's fine. Anyway, being an actress, we understand that we will have less privacy and receive a lot of reviews. At this point, all I want is everyone's understanding. A lot of my fans have been stayed with me since I started my acting career. Surprisingly,
  4. That pic i like most. Whoever they choose to end up with, lets respect and support for both. Love you, BinKyo!!!
  5. I agree with you that, If Binkyo was not real, Bin could have a nonshowbiz gf. Then talked more about Binkyo being friends. They lost connections for years. Even they never attended any award ceremony. I can say that they avoided each other. From both fans side can realise how change of acquaintances from last year. Kyo's interview that she never can be friends with ex. Sudddenly we saw another imagine of Bin and Kyo's squads on his stylist's wedding. Was that the actions of people who have seperated long times ago and then meet again? Whatever happened, truth is truth
  6. A selfie of lonely together with books? Be careful before spreading out of something. Her aura was fine with this pic. Calm and peaceful. I dont know who was the one imagine she stayed with Bin that night ( is that you?) however in this thread NOONE spread that rumors like you. So IF you feel threatening or curious about that delusional, please come to the place they started and asked them!!! PS: Dont bring delusional things you heard or imagined outside and then accused this thread spread out that rumors. OK. We just take responsibility what we wrote in this thread.
  7. I make something special for you on your birthday. Happy birthday Kim Tae Pyung! Because of Kim Tae Pyung, we have a brilliance Hyun Bin now. Hope you can continue perform with best roles in the future. You can live with your dream as an actor. Best wishes for you and your family!!!
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