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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing her play a charismatic role, like in the World of the Married, i think she would nail it. Do you know how we can make a poll here to vote on potential partners/roles she can play next ( i have seen that in other forums)?
  2. Yeah, me too. Maybe this year it will be aired on December. Looking forward to her chemistry with LSG and KSJ. What about dramas, any idea what kind of role she will take this time around?
  3. Thanks for the translation. I thought it was you can eat now. Does any of you girls know when Busted 3 will start? Last year they started the promotion for busted 3 early.
  4. I wasn't planning on writing again in this forum, since last time i did "someone" got so pissed that even tried to hack my instagram account but i just couldn't help it. Girl, i wouldn't worry about our Minyoungie, she is a tough cookie to crack, if her contract is to be expired, then she will either renovate or find another agency. I mean she has been one of the best actresses in the sector for 15 years now, not just a temporary trend, so every agency would like to have her on board. She is also a trendsetter, look at her posts on instagram and youtube and soon you will see simila
  5. Yes, and i will go as far as to say that all are aware of it, even his other ex. But i will stop mentioning minmin here out of respect for the ppc forum which i also shipped. He deleted it yesterday, you can check it on ppc pages in instagram.
  6. Every woman and man that has ever walked in this earth can understand that those two are flirtatious stories. All the rest is noise! You are doing the same, assuming the opposite. My assumption is based on stories, what is your assumption based on?!
  7. Then why didn't she post her part in the movie but psj? If it rains everywhere and anytime in Korea how come she only posted that story a day after psj posted his and in the car washing theme?! If pmy did the same it would be considered flirting but when that girl does it it is not?! Come on now, something feels off here!
  8. psj follows her, so she is aware that he might see her stories yet she doesn't mind and posts them anyway. Why, where did she get the confidence?
  9. So I don't need to know psj deeply, i am old and experienced enough (married with 2 beautiful children) to know when a man and an woman are flirting together! By the way only his mother can pretend to know psj deeply, none of us can assume that much!
  10. Based on that she is openly flirting with psj. Where did she get the confidence? You are an woman too, isn't it obvious to you too? What would you do if that was the case with you boyfriend? Hey girl are you serious? Sorry but i wasn't the one to tell that girl to post flirty stories, she did it herself! And if you want to know, it wasn't the first time, but this time it was way too obvious!! My old ship is fine thanks, it still keeps throwing songs now and then but i still had high hopes for ppc because i thought pmy deserved a fresh start to be happy!
  11. Hey no need to be rude. What's wrong with being new here? Are you closed to new shippers? Yes i loved minmin first but i have also been spending 2 years of my life with ppc too! I really thought they would announce their marriage soon but i choose not to be ignorant to the facts! Did you check the stories, the one with the rain washing the car ( same with psj story) and the other with Psj on TV? Is that my fault?!
  12. Check her stories first and then laugh all you want. She is openly flirting or provoking psj, where did she find the confidence? if psj and pmy are really together, it's even worse then.
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