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  1. I’m too addicted to Tang Qi stories. I’ve attempted to read Lotus Step through google translate but it’s giving me a headache trying to understand but still pulling through the bad English. I hope our translators can get some chapters up for us soon. Thank you in advance for all the hard work! PS: is it bad that I’m reading the story about LS and CY but when DH is mentioned I get too excited?
  2. Yeh I’ve been reading the previous post and only realize from here that cdrama uses voice actors. I never knew until now! Lol I’m trying to enjoy new Cdramas and it’s nice to have the same voice actors. I just need to close my eyes and imagine DH and FJ reincarnated :p
  3. Hello all, I’m new here and I’ve been lurking reading all the messages from page 1 I’ve watched and read TPB multiple times and just can’t get enough of it. I’m now trying to watch new shows but always end up coming back to my fav episodes :p currently watching Love and Redemption and notice DH voice actor as the new ML. The FL voice actor sounds like FJ too...does anyone think so?
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