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  1. So agree with your post. I have noticed that same "off topic" and "unamused" reactions for quite some time already, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the posts. So i think it is quite tactless and rather rude. But i guess they find it amusing to do so...
  2. I too was disappointed over SBS' treatment of TKEM and the cast. They really did deserved the awards. I kept telling myself if they didn't get it, it means they will get better awards in 2021 onwards, because they will do their best in all their projects, esp LMH and KGE. However, the sting and sadness still lingers till now even. So i will channel all my energies, toss out all the bad vibes i feel towards SBS and BH (for not supporting Ggone as much as they should), towards praying more for the couple in their lives and work areas. I believe they are happy together, TKEM gave them each other,
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