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  1. I am really glad Ggone's short film is recieving so much love and attention. I hope this continues till we hit 10M views. And the other wonderful news is LMH's possible new project, hope to hear his good news soon. Both of these 2 lovelies' future career look so bright and wonderful! And i hope their personal lives are also doing well too. Enough of all that fan war, hatred and what not, let them do what they want to do. They are adults, give them the space to develop their craft and live their live.
  2. Yes, he just posted something related to "film", asking for fans' choice of styles of lettering. Whether he is going into film production, an extension of MYM biz, or just want to show support for Ggone's new short film, by relating to the word "film", it is anyone's guess. But this just means both posted on the same day again!!!! Ggone has a new film, and he says film...hahaha...this is just so lovely, both of them!
  3. Just for added info, koalasplayground has always been so negative of Ggone, in whatever capacity. So i am not surprised this article came up. I was surprised at the venom from the words she chose and focused on. This article is basically provocative to invite other negative comments. I guess we cannot limit people's opinions as this is a general forum that the article is posted in. I would suggest ignoring the article or if not, just report to BH but i think there isn't much they can do also.
  4. Ggone commented on her sister-in-law's post in hangul "omg, so pretty" and that "omg,....." was the literal translation i think. So shippers saw a repeat of LMH's omg and her omg in hangul....
  5. Not just brave, that pic is totally epic Queen Ggone's posts these few days have made me speechless. They are just so gorgeously classic, chic, timeless with Ggone looking absolutely regal! And since yesterday i was hoping the King himself would post to sum up the lovestagram. Well, he didn't but instead, MYM followed up with just 1 post of the King himself in B/W pic (of course...duh) with a pose that is nostalgic of ep 16, with Ggone hiding in his coat pose, and also quite suspiciously very similar to Ggone's cover pose clinging to the horse. And they say that MYM is LMH himself
  6. Hi, i have been reading all recent posts on the rumors, and for a moment, I tried to imagine this question, "was I mistaken in thinking our favourite beautiful OTP are together/dating?" But however hard i tried to imagine them not together, the ONE major image that came to mind immediately and so far is still uncontested is 02 July early morning post which shocked me at 06.00 my time, when i woke up to quickly check ig post because it was our Queen's birthday to see fans' celebratory posts, and instead, the first to turn up on my tl was LMH's Dancing Universe video. And further more, in what s
  7. Ohhhhh...these are Gary Chapman's Five Languages of Love aren't they? Yessss, they definitely apply to our beautiful couple, with extra doses!
  8. Totally agree with you. I personally think Appa Kim has such good manners as to still reply to such a tactless and thoughtless comment, abeilt on a sarcastic note. That comment was so personal that it didn't even warrant a reply. I am glad the comment has been deleted. Appa Kim's reply is just logical. Period. I really hope shippers and non shippers alike will not go to Ggone's friends and families' ig to ask about Ggone's dating news and such, hoping to trap them into giving an answer. Please, let us be civilised and good mannered about it.
  9. My take on when LMH was asking whether it hurts and them put his hand on her stab wound area was probably there were some lines to that nature, and they were practicing but i think it got cut out, maybe because it gives the idea that she was pregnant and not suffering from a stab wound. Probably they cut that out and just shot LMH running to Ggone and hugging her real tight and both were in tears missing each other. If they had included the touch the wound area, might have been such a anti climax of "miss you so much" feels. Just my 2cents on it.
  10. Yes, she looks so giddy from the praises. If I remember correctly, she was so charmed but still composed at the praises from GY in Goblin presscon, nothing like TKEM presscon at all. It is like seeing a girl who is in love being paid excessive attention from the boy she loves and being overly giddy by it.
  11. Agree with most of what you said, chingu, plus a little more observation on my side for LMH's 13/07 post. For me, i see that as an extension of his feelings of deep love that is heightened by the rainy weather that turns most of us even more mellow and sentimental, and i guess he decided to post a video with that song. I remembered feeling sentimental on a balmy weather once and my fave radio channel was on and asking us to request songs, and i sent in a request for Barbara Streisand duet with Bryan Adams "I Finally Found Someone". Just like that. So, what I am saying is that it could be rando
  12. Hi everyone! First time commenting even though i have been reading most of the pages and have been so cheered and encouraged to keep supporting LMHxKGE till the end. I agree with most of your observations on our OTP, but am most heartened by the observation from what RosesAreRed said, simply because she tries to stay neutral and observed based on her knowledge of human behavior as per her educational background being a grad psych student. I truly believe our OTP are in the dating phase right now, ever since their cryptic lovestagram and even more convinced after LMH Jeju post and 02 July post,
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