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  1. World, see what is this “think twice” “plan well” boy doing right now??? LOL As the top star in SK/Asia entertainment industry for 10+ years, Minho definitely knows what he’s doing & what consequences would be. He’s being so brave & candid. Best wishes my king & queen yes I think what brought us here is, after watching 10-20 years of Kdramas & love stories in real life, it’s quite easy for us to tell which Kdrama couple is just for promotion & which is “excitingly different & so real” wow 3 months ago in April I started to watch TKEM because Minho & Goeun were the two I loved, admired & thought they would bring a great art piece to us, And now...it turns out we are sooo lucky, they have brought us a lot of surprise & happiness!!! We watched a beautiful TKEM love story on screen, more importantly we saw the beautiful love between the two of them off screen, and we also found our shippers base here lol
  2. oh my...the story behind the song is sooo beautiful and touching. The singer showed his deepest love through this song.. I think the key point of the song is: I’m sad being alone, so please BE MY SIDE FOREVER MY LOVE, I cannot live a day without you like this anymore...
  3. Yes, I don’t think BH & MYM will give any official announcement until the lovely birds’ dating photos be taken (some “solid” evidence). Many celebrities they would date secretly (who didn’t want more privacy) & wouldn’t accept it until being caught by paparazzi’s camera that they were having coffee/traveling/entering the same apartment together...
  4. I just tried Instagram border function, but it will automatically add borders on all 4 sides of a pic, not like GoEun/MinHo‘s posts that only added 2 sides of white borders (either white borders on left & right, OR white borders above & bottom). So I think Goeun is using InstaSize app for adding borders.
  5. Yes I followed this stylist who work with Suzy & Goeun on Instagram. she not only posted Goeun’s styles she designed for TKEM, but also posted Minho GoEun’s TKEM trailer & their pressCon group pictures & Netflix poster.. A fun(?) fact is, Suzy actually followed this Stylist on Instagram & commented her posts sometimes, so she probably has seen all the TKEM trailers, pressCon pictures in her thread... But whatever, I guess my point is, it is a small world for SK celebrities... ================================== Cannot agree more. To make a relationship work, there need to be right people, right time, right stage of life & right mindset. No need to stuck in the past. Minho & Goeun are the “present” that we focus, love & support.
  6. ”the general finding is clear: whatever activates the mind causes the pupil to dilate.” Damn, didn’t know that one day I would read a physiology journal for shipping purpose & quite enjoyed it! LOL
  7. Yes it’s terrible even to read it... We cannot control which show the Korean tv watchers wanted to watch, however, TKEM had been ranked top on Netflix Korea when its playing, not to say it has been ranked top 10 on Netflix [Worldwide] chart, which is the [first & only kdrama] in the history. (For your reference, CLOY & “it’s ok not to be ok” are both Netflix produced, but they didn’t get the amazing high ranking worldwide on Netflix as TKEM. So I’m so freaking confused why some fans & shippers are upset about TKEM rates in SK. When you already got a billion in your bank account (worldwide top 10), I guess you won’t give a damn to the $5 got stolen today (lower than expectation but still good for regular kdramas)... Have a bigger vision, bigger heart, & some faith to what & who you love.. Peace.love...
  8. LMH & KGE are two independent, beautiful & hardworking individuals, from the very beginning. Your not knowing/falling for MinHo or Goeun before TKEM doesn’t mean they were not famous or hardworking enough to “catch your eyes”. It’s sad to see some shippers ignore the inner beauty of these two souls.
  9. Haha actually I did see many cute Chinese shippers commented on Weibo like: “it’s fine for me to keep being single, but Minho GoEun they have to be together lol”
  10. Award winning speech. Lot of applause!! Yes they are now mature & brave enough to embrace the unknown & a new relationship. Please, my boy & girl, don’t give a RickRoll'D to the public & the whole world. Live for the day, you have our love & support.
  11. One thing I really appreciate is that TKEM did deliver a beautiful message that instead of being worried we should live the present. be grateful for what we have for today, seize the love & do your best Just for today. If we live our everyday as the last day in our life, we would be more brave to express our love and appreciation, and we won’t waste our time on nonsense & bitterness. And Minho & Goeun have given us so much happiness & made our spring in 2020 slightly more beautiful, isn’t it?
  12. Absolutely right! Stand solid shippers! Those bitter fans imagining the oppa will be single forever & one day come to your door asking u to marry him?? tell me who is more delusional??? Many of shippers here are already well accomplished in family life & career path, with 10-20 year+ Kdrama watching experience. You tell me who’s more mature & eagle eyed on making a decision of shipping this couple? We better know who we are & appreciate our own values & perspectives. I seldom shipped as it’s quite obvious to tell who are fake... I’m picky on whom I ship, since it represents my taste. And in Minho I trust Treat our Queen well. Again, stand solid girls.
  13. that’s why I always comment with 30+ hearts only!!! to make it crazy simple easy to understand LOL!! LOVE & SMILE are worldwide common language MY lovely couple have both...
  14. Yes, as a Chinese (though already left my hometown for almost decade), I approve this message LOL Here’s my Chinese lesson 101: Kim Go Eun: “Kim” & “Go” in Chinese are “金“&”高”. Min Ho: “Ho” in Chinese is ”鎬”, which is the combination of Go Eun’s name “金”&”高”. You tell me what is fate!!!!!!
  15. Yep. She’s like his natural 100% organic caffeine to boost his energy & ignite the fire in his heart, so no way to feel sleepy when she’s around. LOL
  16. Yes it reminds me of the interview they had for Netflix, when they were asked how to describe the romance relationship in TKEM. Before they answered, Minho suggested KGE they both answer “parallel world”, but then in front of the camera, KGE cutely rejected with an attitude said to Minho “no I want to say something different”, then Minho’s like having a “ok madam” cute face... LOL —but interestingly KGE actually answered “long distance relationship”, which is quite similar to Minho’s answer love in “parallel world”. My point is...yes, Minho is lion (king of the forest) when he’s alone, but now he’s conquered by the QueenGE that he becomes a huge size of Minomi lol
  17. I love your words & your name ”HappyVibes”. I set up my name as “LiveThePresent” trying to really live my life that way. (Thanks TKEM for delivering this beautiful message) Ok. My point is, We really need to create and focus more on good vibes ladies & gentlemen!!!! Don’t be distracted by some random negative groundless comments. We should know what we strongly believe and know our couples’ value is unbreakable. How we see our own opinions & our couple shouldn’t be based on other peoples judgment! (I’m here so ready to give a whole class on self Identity... lol) Ok, so we know how precious our couple is and how strong their connection is, and they are our daily dose of energy booster, I mean how lucky we are!! Cheer up, spread the love, just like our loving Minho & Goeun!!
  18. yes KGE has commented on WDH’s Ins many times in the past. last time she even thought maybe EDH was a little bit upset about after WDH posted he moon .. she definitely has seen the latest update of WDH & LMH’ pic & definitely knows that was day 1 before WDH enlisted. You know, when you try to hide, there must be something out there. There’s a reason why KGE suddenly became silent & low key on this post of WDH..
  19. You made an excellent point! Love is a two-way choice. LMH & KGE they definitely found & fell for each other at the right time, right age with a right mindset.
  20. Yes it’s sad that nowadays many people still have stereotypes on women with a career & women in general. In the past decades we saw many once-famous Korean actresses kinda “disappeared” after getting married, but now more married Korean actresses are getting independent and keep a family-career balance as they know they love their career, & the stage is where makes them shining & find passion. So I think thats why KGE has been very positive about having a family in her previous interviews. She’s independent & mature enough to not to worry about “losing” her career crown or “failing” so-called public’s expectations. This mature mindset, from my perspective, was also what brought Minho & KGE closer & together. They both somehow went through relationships being analyzed/judged by public, but from both of their recent interviews, we can see that neither of them are being reserved because of what happened in the past but becoming more of ease & positive to have a new mature & deep relationship. Neither of them are afraid, & they are both the type of person would work as a team with the significant other to build the family. Much love Yes totally agree. I wish they could keep everything under the table privately, then one day give us a boom marriage announcement lol. I hope they won’t be disrupted by dispatch or all other media. Thinking about how many times the media rumored LMH broke up with his ex, & how many times both parties’ agencies had to make an announcement... that’s really annoying.
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