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  1. Chanmin Loveline is over. It's no different from the other members' chemistry. You don't have to worry.
  2. Not camping. jsm denied it in the camping story. kjk stayed still when the members drove jsm. He just commented, "Sechan is a smoke bomb." I believe kookmin's smoke bomb is sc lol
  3. I guess jk and sm are actually meeting. So, when I found this place, it was nice. This is the kookmin forum. Although kookmin has been reduced by rm editing, they are still intimate. These days, postings that look like kookmin hater are often seen. I know my anxious feelings, but I don't want to see negative texts. I want you to take care of your heart.
  4. The meaning of the emoticon seems to mean that the work was difficult to complete or that it was not satisfactory than expected. & Wookmin posted a drink advertised by kjk on Instagram story.
  5. Since the end of March 2019, Cha Tae-hyun got off all the shows, so I think the recording of MUD was before that.
  6. wookmin posted a photo taken at home on the night of the 26th I love watching the posts here. Then I wrote a comment, but I'm embarrassed because I don't know how to delete it.
  7. I think so. JK's post came up when it was speculated that SM was back from camping.
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