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  1. Going back to KGE’s most recent IG post... did anyone interpret what she meant by 언젠가... 2? Which translated to english can interpretted as “Someday... 2” or even another interpretation; “Someday... Li?”
  2. For me... The "REAL" evidence of the ship is really the July 2 IG posts. It's not hard evidence, but it's a step above all the BTS videos/press conference/interview footage that we've seen. It also feels "REAL" in a sense that it isn't part of some promotion. Is it definitive? Absolutely not... But it's hard to ignore given all the signs. That incident is what put me over the top as a shipper of this couple. I don't mind reading all the speculations too here and there. I mean it's mostly harmless. It's just fans hoping for the best. As you can tell from my username, I'm mainly an Arjenia. So just like others have stated, I won't be rooting for this ship if there is evidence otherwise that KGE is dating someone else.
  3. Saw the thread. My thoughts on this. On the IG posts with LMH and KGE ... You can actually make the argument that it could have beeb done for promotional purposes as TKEM was still airing then and it referenced some scenes from the show. But on the July 2 posts of LMH, hard to see it as a promotion as there is no direct reference to KGE at all aside from the fan comments. And it's highly unlikely that LMH will purposely lead his and KGE's fans on. Because if it's done for promotional purposes, who is the intended audience? People who have never seen the show? There's nothing on those posts that reference TKEM in any way.
  4. Imagine they win couple of the year during the SBS awards. And on stage, LMH announces during their acceptance speech that he and KGE are actually together. I wonder how the fans would react? Has something like that ever happened?
  5. Just some thoughts on one of the theories eloquently laid out by @AgentQuake on why KGE does not like/follow LMH on IG, particularly point #2 (business decision). I get LMH's case where it's deliberate to not follow/like any posts. As for KGE... let's assume there is nothing going on between the two and they are just sunbae/hoobae. I don't see how liking/following LMH could hurt her brand? She follows/likes JHI's posts (which she's had a project with as well). So why a different treatment with LMH if the relationship is purely professional? Something to think about during this dry season
  6. KGE dad update! Apparently they're BBQ'ing: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCzlAbLJ52W/?igshid=h4cwuz0xhqjo On the excessive PPL, honestly I don't think it's a big deal. Nothing criminal about it. It's more on the business side. Moving on...
  7. Reading the knetz comments just gave me increased confidence in their relationship. Thanks for sharing @Prerna! On KGE sharing the cake with from the MinGo couple group. I honestly just saw it as a coincidence before. But after the knetz pointed out how, that this was the cake sent to her by her agency, and KGE purposely featuring it on her IG out of all the other cakes she received, just tells me that she is dropping hints as well! The knetz seems to give a lot of importance to the 2nd post of LMH. If the 1st post was purely a coincidence, then the 2nd post should never have happened! One comment also was particularly insightful. Given how everyone acted in the 1st post, and the fact that it was already affecting his co-star, should have easily prompted their respective agencies in issuing a clarifying statement (i.e. something along the lines of, LMH's post in particular is not intended for KGE but he still wishes her a happy birthday, etc.). But none was issued. Can all of these be just delusions? Not likely given all the signs. Anyway, we are probably looking at a long drought, but that's ok... they deserve their privacy.
  8. Anyway wanted to compare TKEM presscon to other of KGE's presscons... And it's noticeable how differently she acts around LMH. She's practically gushing as he compliments her. I find this unusual... Why? Because typically in presscons you really end up saying something positive about your co-star. It's normal to praise them. However KGE was sooo giddy and even bashful in this scenario. She couldn't keep a straight face! Other presscons I saw was with JHI for "Tune in for Love" and with the Goblin cast. She looked a lot more composed there. Well anyway just sharing. Based on their reactions, it really seemed like there was something going on there already!
  9. Is that really definitive enough to see that “something” could be going on (on the oppa part)? Not really that familiar with the nuances. I’d like to see a video analysis of KGE with her other past co-stars press con and BTS and compare lol.
  10. I just noticed that they were staring at each other eye to eye for close to 10secs during the TKEM presscon. https://twitter.com/justggone/status/1283058510574411776?s=21 Would you stare at a co-worker in the eyes that long?
  11. It’s probably not LMH if he was asking for your picture! Be careful next time! Maybe report the account to MYM? I think they had a notice about fake LMH accounts circulating.
  12. https://www3.dramacool.movie/drama-detail/a-muse Ah can’t wait for Hero to come out. How come we haven’t seen any trailers with her in it?
  13. Yes she's had no procedure done whatsoever. That's what's great about her. She's a natural beauty. This is nothing new but wanted to share a clip of a cover of Lee Hi's "Breathe" done by KGE. It's making me look forward to her upcoming performance in Hero.
  14. Seems plausible... but where would they go given the pandemic? And didn’t KGE have a photoshoot for Mind Bridge or something during this time? I think KGE posted on July 14 to thank her Arjenias since it was “silver day” as much as I’d like to believe the Weibo fan’s interpretation. The staff’s meeting is interesting. Could they have just gotten close during the shoot so are just hanging out? I feel like something is brewing there
  15. For me, I think it’s ok to continue to speculate even if it seems a stretch... after all, that’s what we’ve all been doing. Everything is speculation until they formally declare. Also, even to say that there's no meaning behind his post is speculation in itself. On the post of LMH yesterday, I maintain that it wasn't just a random post. It shares too many characteristics with July 2 for it to be completelty random. Just look at it from KGE's perspective: if she saw the July 2 post as a special message for her, how can she even interpret the post yesterday as not being for her? Given the context behind the background behind the song, I interpret it as something positive rather than negative. To add - guys will occassionally do things to make their presence felt by a girl they are courting when they can't be together physically. Possible that his post yesterday had that intention.
  16. Something also about this song... I think they are past the woo stage and are now together. This isn't a song you dedicate to someone you're not in a relationship with given the context of the song.
  17. It's very clear now what this song is not based on the context of the song - this ISN'T a break up song. Most likely, this is an even deeper love song than Dancing Universe.
  18. Ok so that background on the song completely changes the narrative. Something that people who lived in Korea would pick up.
  19. I wanna know what the knetz’ opinions are. Hearing the song at first didn’t sound sad. But the translated lyrics did seem sad. So there’s a lot of mis-interpretation I think and there’s a lot of nuance that we’re missing.
  20. I think he really just misses her. Most likely they haven’t seen each other since her birthday? I remember reading somewhere that the most he could afford to go on dates because of schedules is like once a month?
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