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  1. My heart went ooppp.. Weibo peops are also good at noticing things ayt.
  2. To those people who are bashing, bullying or saying hurtful words to Kyo(not just Kyo but to anyone) I wish them well, actually. I just hope they find their peace. (And to you, yes you ) I will pray for you Live a happy and stress free life, ok? Ship and support anyone responsibly.
  3. Kyo proved to us that she really is the unbothered one. Missing her so much. I wish i have this special gift to see what's been posted on Ruby's account. Hahaha. I'm so desperate.
  4. Make-up artist also commented on her own post with a blue heart, and it was followed by a comment with Ruby's account.
  5. Glad I found this thread about BinKyo hihi. This is the first time I made an account(Soompi, IG, Twitter) just to follow and have an update with regards to our dearest BinKyo. They're my happy pill and stress reliever in these trying times. Praying everyone is doing well. Love love love.
  6. Hihi thanks still learning how this soompi forum works.
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