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  1. Looking forward to it!! @Phoenix26 - I am changing my login name as soon as Soompi lets me to
  2. Thank you all for contributing to this thread - The only thing that I looked forward to each day, which kept me excited and happy in 2020 (given the chaos around the world). Bye bye Binkyo, I am moving on to "The unbothered queen " thread
  3. Kyo's IG feed must be bombarded with HB's pics for esquire/Omega , thanks to BK
  4. yeah - that's true - it is good that its an IGs in a way
  5. oh gosh - how i wish her BFF had made it a post instead of an IGs - Kyo has been liking all her recent posts
  6. Most watches ads/pics always show time as 10:10 - its just a coincidence, but I am not complaining
  7. whaaaaaat.....vast tree IGs music is from Kyo's drama ??
  8. I love the tag on the cover -new year, new me!! may be we will see a totally new SHK in 2021!!
  9. Thanks for this info - I noticed that it was posted at midnight and it was deleted and re uploaded again, but was wondering what the connection could be.. Thanks..
  10. In Parasite, Mr. Park’s company is called “Another Brick.” This is a reference to Pink Floyd. They were Bong Joon Ho’s (the director of the film) favorite band in college. so it does looks like the Director indeed hides subtle details in his films - just came across this article (see link below) - so may be his favorite actress is SHK -- https://brightside.me/wonder-films/12-subtle-details-directors-carefully-hid-in-their-films-799908/?utm_source=tsp_pages&utm_medium=fb_organic&utm_campaign=fb_gr_7_second_riddles&fbclid=IwAR3BJvYdDjx5tO_hL9wbgEX
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