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  1. Did not open IG since noon and suddenly both King & Queen posted on the same day! 08.05.2020 - LMH Sunset pic & KGE BTS upload 05.08.2020 - LMH LV & KGE Chanel update Does the date have some kind of significance for them?
  2. Here's one observation: KGE has been following what kind of FBI investigations shippers do so she gave us a photo to decode --> reflection on sunglasses, phone screen, hair length, caption, etc. AND HERE WE ARE...SHE'S ENJOYING THIS... PS: I've been told multiple times that I'm an overthinker
  3. PLOT TWIST: LMH & KGE have been dating for a long time and TKEM is the unofficial official announcement. Otherwise how to explain the easter eggs and crumbs. *Me after drinking 3 glasses of soju - aftereffects of a long workweek* Q
  4. If that is the same shirt LMH wore on the beheading scene then I'm convinced he's trolling us shippers
  5. Morning.. LMH & KGE post made me rewatched my fave TKEM scenes. Just a thought on LMH post. I drive everywhere and I like to drive with music or radio on. Maybe this post is just that, in the car waiting and capturing the rain while the music is on. My shipping is still a full ON mode but right now I still can't get my head around the PR thingy. One of SK's strategic pillar is exporting K-culture (K-drama, K-pop, K-food, etc). We know TKEM is a huge success to international fans and still sits at Netflix top 10 globally. So it is possible that LMH SNS squad is prolonging the TKEM excitement through more frequent SNS posts be it personal or work related - whatever the King desires. We see KGE posts are more deliberate. Birthday, Chanel, Arjenia appreciation. Less personal and maybe trying to be considerate ahead of Hero release. I just hope that both of them are brave enough to face anything for their feelings towards each other.
  6. Hi Guys, I've been lurking here since May and today I just can’t help myself not to unlurk. I have some experience in the entertainment & PR industry in my country. Knowing how meticulous K-entertainment is in designing persona and optics, it was difficult for me to understand how could SBS, MYM & BHENT allow for such ‘intimate’ interaction of their stars to be shown in the BTS. Seeing today's LMH post, I think what he's been doing and all the LMHxKGE interactions in the BTS are set up to take fans along in this journey. When the first BTS came out, LMH was already on set with KGE for around 6 months. Things had happened there (we just don’t know how far…) Knowing how LMH fans might react negatively to announcement or KGE to herself, he took us in a slow journey of accepting his choice and even cheering for them to be together. LMH with MYM has enough power to influence the BTS content citing privacy if they wanted to but they didn’t. I can’t describe how much I admire this man right now. Being as famous as he is, he is carrying the burden on making a lot of people happy. And in order for him to be happy, instead of shutting out people, he’s taking them along. This is of course assuming that something had happened
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