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  1. Agree. Let's just stick to our ship since we have been on board, keep our faith on them, and talk, analyze, dissect, praise exclusively for them. Don't ever be tempted to veer away from the essence of our being here; that's why it is very important to be always mindful. Check our intention regularly of being faithful to them in whatever thoughts we are having and the words we are using while sharing here consciously; exclusively for them.
  2. Totally agree. Proud MinEun Shippers we all are. We have sense & sensibility. Our observations and conclusions emanate from analysis and backed up by evid nice based materials, references.
  3. Perhaps the sexual tension felt by both due to mutual attraction/admiration. Spoken and body language had subtext. More difficult bec if the crew amidst them Pls do. We can. We have all the measures just in case. The gadgets, devises, psychiatrist, ER prep. Everything's ready and all you have to do is get ready and do, now.
  4. I can yet can't visualize & hear it. The ambivalence, more of excitement & pride. My heart is certain, she can in her distinct interpretation. Heard her sang an excerpt of the first song acapella .And to think she was shooting Hero from Oct - Dec last year simultaneously or overlapping with TKEM. This the reason, I guess, for her non-participation in the script reading. Aside from that, there were other commitments she had to do.
  5. Oh my apology for not introducing a lil bit of myself. Been a fan of KGE since her social commentary film A Muse and watched all her films & dramas. But my social development work has been demanding. Thankful of stumbling in this platform after TKEM but able to go back only earlier on the bookmarked page. We're a happy, funny, logical & witty bunch here. I feel the warmth of everyone and d love we have for our sweet angel, the brainy and deep KGE.
  6. The entertainment industry still remains male dominated worldwide. Men hold the purse and power from writer, producer, filmmaker and other production members to actors . Aside from the roles which are spotlighted on ML, the pay between him and FL has wide disparity. For the same amount of work and other factors, ML receives a much higher professional fee. Women are treated with discrimination, are subordinated (2nd class) or marginalized (set aside/invisible) from family, academia, to church, media, entertainment and other institutions. This low treatment of women is perpetuated by the media and the fans. There is no equal treatment no matter how equally good or better the FL is. And visuals are sexualized or commodified. When they can't find fault with the FL's acting, they don't tackle that and focus on the physical aspect aside from the OIM perspective. That's why those fans who validate KGE as a great actor have to make their voices be heard more and louder, hopefully, in the mainstream, instead of being in the underground. I don't know if I have explained it much. The issue here is gender inequality.
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