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  1. @cherkell so his event did become an issue. I thot so. Sad. But those that went there are all adults. One can take responsibility on their own. But he did make people happy and excited. Two more episodes to go.
  2. From what I observed so far, Wookie is not critics/judges favorite no matter how good he is in the eyes of his fans. I kind of hope he and YJ will get at least best couple award though it will be tough to compete with LMH-LGE couple but sometimes more than one couple can win that award.
  3. @Jillia I totally agree with Knetz about Yoon Jeo. I m sorry to say this but Backstreet Rookie will reach a double digit already if writernim and PDnim does not love Yeon Joo so much. They really try hard to make YJ character stays relevant till the last episode to the extent making DH mom soo fickle minded and out of character.
  4. I m starting to have "naughty" thoughts as to why the writernim / production has to keep YJ character till last episode. I wonder...
  5. Less than 2 hrs to BR yeay... I think the last scene on Episode 13 is asking her out on date. I like that DH take time to properly court her. Their r/ship is built up on love and trust rather than lustful love like in typical romance drama.
  6. The kiss scene has to be exclusive for BR daetbyul. Wookie has snow kiss, petal kiss, blanket kiss, attic kiss, shower kiss already... so this time it has to be special and unique. May be watermelon kiss.
  7. Just to let you know.. there is voting in iqiy ig story to select manager choi and Kang Aji... Manager is leading at 66%. Fighting
  8. I think Saet Byul is there cooking for him as a thank you for helping her dear Mr BB cream Choi make famous the CS and for helping EB.
  9. OMG.. I got all excited to read your prediction about them opening their very own Convenient Store Saet Byul. We saw in one of the photo jcw also in different store before with the apron on. And KYJ is so so beautiful... She is flawless...
  10. It is to no surprise that DH falls quickly to SB. The feeling has always been there. he just does not want to acknowledge it. JCW himself admitted that there is a complex feeling involved about the scene in which he gave SB the present. He loved that scene a lot.
  11. I super love the scene when Saet Byul was sulking becoz DH wasnt thanking her and DH cutely saying thank you. How sweet these two.
  12. I am looking forward to the backstory of handsome CDH though I understand people is not interested anymore because of the YJ unnecessary screentime.
  13. @Anne Dela Cruz Tq for the article. I couldnt help to notice that within this week there are too many articles on the chemistry of DH and SB. Is this the production team trying to response to the lack of DH /SB moments complaints... If it is, I am happy...
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