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  1. Great detective work. I think this might a video from they musical rehearsal days? Who knows..... Korean actors seems to be very very private about their private lives and unlike in the UK and YS, the press also seems to respect this privacy a lot. It seems like there is no chance of knowing if they are even friends any more.....
  2. Omg that kiss!!!! I have been watching many Koreans series during this lockdown and I haven’t seen any videos like this? but it’s not just this kiss but their other BTS are equally sweet and show a level of comfort that i havent by seen.....
  3. Just sharing some fun stuff that brought a smile to my face - you all will have seen these many times already: when he can’t help but crowd into her: When he tries to disguise that he only wants to talk to her: And just a cute video of them filming together:
  4. I don’t think I adore it (it’s difficult to, since we know they are going to break up) but yes, I agree it is the more interesting complex relationship we see in reality. Two flawed people trying to make it work and making mistakes and trying again. At the same time I like SB’s character. It is complex to and his back story seems sad and she is in desperate need for someone to love her and be there for her.....and DH could be that person.... but as of now there is nothing between them. I don’t even feel any of the chemistry that was there in the first two episodes. She just seem like a young woman having a crush on a man in another relationship...... I guess if we have two seasons and in season 1, they resolve the YJ-DH relationship properly and then go into SB and DH in season 2 .... then maybe, right now not sure how this is all going to come together!
  5. This series only has 16 episodes right? And we are at 6.... ermmm.... I’m not sure how we are going to get from where we are now with DH, SB and YJ, to where we need to be. DH was showing absolutely no jealousy or any uncomfortableness seeing SB with the other guy. All he could think about was YJ. And this is not wrong - irrespective of what we think of their relationship- he is behaving as a boyfriend should and not cheating on her in thought. I want him to only think of SB differently once he relationship is over. I actually felt sorry for YJ in this episode.... which I didn’t feel in the first few. SB was very sweet in this episode and j am glad their toned down her overtures towards DH. He should come to her naturally at the end of his relationship, rather than because she is aggressively pursuing a man in a committed relationship. That’s just wrong. She is sweet enough and similar enough to DH and fit jn better with the family that it can happen naturally. Maybe today will be a turning point....
  6. deleted my original message to make sure it doesn’t break the rules. wasnt talking badly of any ship - people are free to and when the people who ship are so private, nothing is definite until much later.
  7. I’ve see all these videos before and yet I am still enjoying watching them again! Thanks! i just noticed for the first time In the video of the tie removal scene that at the end they are playing footsie together. I never noticed before!
  8. I really like the way they are developing DHs character. He is shown to be weirdly affected by SB but he is behaving very properly in his emotions. He is in love with his girlfriend or thinks he is in love. He is being loyal to her and not cheating on her in words or actions or even in thoughts (as of now). Even when he talks to SB he says I will be your guardian as long as you work for me. Not sure if the translators did a good job in that translation. But Guardian is very older person to younger person relationship. He also called her a kid (according to the translation) when he was speaking to YH about telling the truth. The journey that he will now need to undergo is one where he falls out of life with YH or realise she is wrong for him and then start seeing SB as something other than a kid who he feels like protecting. I hate cheaters and hope they keep his character pure.
  9. I think the intention as of now is to create a fun light series and i think it is successful in that. There is the potential to be a bit deeper so let’s see how it goes. There are couple things they are dealing With very badly in my view and that is worrying because it would be good for JCW to have a successful series. I hope it a success. Both NJH are JCW are good actors and that really shows in any series they act in. I am someone who discovered SP only a few months ago so all the episodes and BTS are really fresh in my brain. It’s so funny to see JCW now - he seems so much more awkward and formal and shy.
  10. Why is she so quiet just when I found her!? She is just so adorable and delicate and pretty and smart! Also watching Wookiee’s new drama which just makes me rewatch all the SP BTS again and again! Obviously hoping both are successful in their individual projects as well.
  11. There are so many things to like about this new series. The two leads are great looking and really good actors. The comedy is good, the leads are already showing good chemistry that will hopefully develop well. The back story if both characters is intriguing and the journey they have travelled to get to this point. As others have said before me, there are however two big issues with the series. 1 How the character of DS is dealt with. The fact that so many young people are noting this shows that the dialogues are not reflective of how young South Koreans think. Given how famous Kdramas are among non-Koreans, these scenes give a very wrong impression of South Korean society. Also how blind is the production team to what is happening in the world right now, that they did not think twice about the way to deal with this character. All is not lost - they could still use it as a tool to show change and growth among the characters and I hope they choose that route. Otherwise this is very regressive and they will be digging a big hole in the ground for themselves. 2. I don’t understand what the big deal is with a 19 kissing a man. Yes he is a stranger, but as DH himself pointed out, it’s was just a touching of lips. And they took great effort to make her out to be an untouched virgin in the second episode (another exaggeration to be fair - come on its 2020!). What I do have a problem with is the way she hits the male lead while he is sleeping. Again, if they wanted to make it comic they could have shown her to shove him or say some funny dialogues.... but to hit him so much he wakes up with a bloody nose and for her to be shown to have no regret. what! Again, this cannot be normal and even funny. What are the writers thinking.
  12. how sweet thank you. i feel like.i have watched every video out there about 20 times. And love watching them ahah . can someone help me locate a video that I saw once and now can’t find. It’s a video of JH and CW walking with a few other people out, after the Suspicious Partner the press conference. she has changed into jeans but I think the others are wearing their press conference clothes .... and when they notice that there are fans taking videos, CW walks quickly ahead and joins his manager friend. I saw it once and now can’t find it on you tube!!!!
  13. In my head they are dating right now ha ha I wish I had discovered then three years ago so that I could analyse every laugh and touch and comments!!
  14. Yes all 1708. I love the analysis and at so many places I wish I could add my two bits - about the various bits etc. Obviously it’s 3 years too late he!he!he!
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