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  1. I can only speak for myself teehee... The way KGE moves her lips while talking or just simply being is quite fascinating to watch even through the screen. Im thinking what more face to face right, and im a girl! in regards to staring at it as a tactical move I have my doubts as looking at your co-stars’ lips intentionally while you are not attracted to the person could be kind of burdensome hahaha dunno, could be just me *shrugs*
  2. I have to agree... the past keeps being mentioned and I feel like it is just screaming insecurity and it is not attractive. This thread is viewed and referred to by many viewers and if we as shippers can’t show full confidence (even if we are proven wrong later) then what is the point. One relationship is different from another and it is no use to compare past relationships with a new one. So I wish we can all stop using the past for whatever reason be it positive or negative (or even for jokes its getting tiring really) and focus on this ship and this ship only... peace and love always ❤️
  3. Hi everyone! I’ve been a silent lurker for more than one month now. First of all I am a KGE fan albeit a casual one; like i follow her ig and am interested in her dramas but that’s about it. I knew of LMH but have not had the pleasure of watching any of his dramas/movies for some weird reasons. So when I heard they are coming together for a drama i thought ‘well, that is kinda random pairing but let’s just see’... its one of the rare moments that I was eagerly awaiting the drama as usually i would watch long after a drama finishes. i really cant pinpoint what it was that made me ship them hard but i just felt it even during the earlier episodes and cant put them into words that these two have something special between them. Like i see good chemistry between actors all the time but i rarely ever ship them to be together in real life, even the thought seemed ridiculous. But that was before our royal couple of course, now I am a goner! It feels like the connection that they have between them is so rare that it would be a shame if they do not end up together. This is more than merely two attractive people who are developing feelings as a result of a close working proximity over extended time (though it does play a factor) its like a meeting of 2 souls that have been searching for the other half... what im saying is what they have isnt something superficial and easy to be dismissed (again its my personal feelings). when LMH posted on 2nd July i was shocked as I was not acticipating he would do something that obvious (posting 2 times on her birthday) and took it as a kind of confirmation that she is indeed someone very special in his life. in regards to LMH’s posting today, my personal take is just that it is a random post that he happened to upload at the time. Even though as someone has pointed out that it is contradictory to our reception to the 2nd july post where we feel its intentional (Well the 2nd july posts were nothing BUT intentional in every way) then it would just seem like LMH is fickle minded and not firm in his stand (and we all know he is not like that) so i think we should not be carried away in our analysis and just enjoy the ride! looking forward to interacting a lot more with you fun ladies! ❤️
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