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  1. Ok what about the wire bra and prime minister koo everyone's talking about? I don't get it
  2. I thought he's innocent lmao. I'm seeing new shades of him today. What would go eun's reaction when she sees this
  3. The first one looks like she's letting him snuggle in her neck or let him kiss her neck. Damn it where's the DVD cut
  4. The whole point of the story is love blooming between a guy and a girl from different universes. As much as we all want JTE to become the queen of kingdom of Corea but if that happens we all will be happy but it won't make much sense, her abandoning her life, her father, job everything in ROK and becoming a queen in KOC where she doesn't know anyone but Lee gon. And whatever had happened was supposed to happen anyway but it didn't because Lee lim went against time and universe. Let's not overthink about it. All that matters they grew old together... Maybe had soo many kids too.
  5. We have seen 6 kisses but imagine the number of times they could've kissed in bts which includes rehearsal and LMH wantedly doing more and more rehearsal by following KGE lead
  6. Same. I didn't expect withdrawal symptoms to be this worse. I feel all sad and gloomy and people will laugh right in my face if I say it's because of a drama
  7. If neither they will announce nor will dispatch announce how are we supposed to survive?!!!! Also crumbs are getting decreased day by day
  8. What is the song that's played in the last episode when lady noh drops a talisman in gon's pocket when he's about to go to pick tae eul?
  9. Who hugged whom tightly? Swoon has soo many lines that are different from fan uploaded videos
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