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  1. Ok, also how about LMH is wearing a black and white stripe sweater in his vlog when he is solo cooking and JTE wore a black and white stripe top while they were cooking together in epi 15. And the lyrics in this part is "And I wonder if someday you'll be by my side. And tell me that the world will end up alright"
  2. Omg, what is with this? Cant be another coincidence with the same day upload as well. And the song that is used! https://twitter.com/cpjing8888/status/1395362670174347266?s=20
  3. So KGE isn't in the BH Ent 2021 greeting even though she's one of their top stars. Could she be moving agency in 2021? Perhaps to MYM
  4. Why do I think she posted the insta story to cheer up LMH? Did anyone notice how LMH seemed somewhat ay sad or maybe tired? Just not his usual self in my opinion. Really solemn even though he should've been happy with the win. Maybe he was mad sbs robbed his queen of the best actress and best couple award
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