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  1. Hahaha someone actually timed this. I wonder how long we can live on old crumbs?? https://www.instagram.com/p/CCxMaoUpzX_/?igshid=nicuk5co545j
  2. The translated lyrics sounds more like what will happen instead of it actually happening so I think it is a longing song. Longing for someone you really love. Also afraid the person you love so much might leave you?? Maybe KGE feels pressure on her end from fans, etc and LMH is like but who will hold me if not you. I also don't think KGE is with him in the car. More like she's in the car that's pulling out of the driveway? Otherwise why we he film it? He also made sure not to get the licence plate of that car by filming in that angle.
  3. OK how about this to move on. We have talked about the significance of the sunset pic LMH posted on his Instagram. Can we now conclude it was a candid personal pic?? It is not in the ost photo album thing or essay book. Also doesn't the lighting and resolution feels very different to the ones that were taken professionally. Thoughts?
  4. I'm loving this photo book The king is slaying all other ships y'all. In his sword we trust
  5. If he was jealous, do you think its because he is already in a relationship with her or not yet?? I think it would be the latter?? OK, so i do love me some comparisons even though I think LMH and KGE have something very unique and special
  6. Someone requested more fan fic earlier, here you go: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25111240/chapters/60836452 Promise the background isn't black
  7. LMH probably has a separate account. Or else why would he post the photo with WDH pretty much straight after WDH posted it on his Instagram?
  8. I think they filmed that epi 16 scene quite early on. Her fringe is still quite short in the photos
  9. What is up with that whip positioning? Is it on her nose? Why am I using my magnifying glasses daily??
  10. Omo they are such cuties here. LMH: *says something provoking* KGE: YA! Proceeds to come at LMH LMH: Smiles *thinks to himself, me like me like. Yes KGE, come and grab me*
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