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  1. THIS! This in my view is one of the best explanations for why their relationship has the strength that it has. The chemistry was on full display during TN filming, from the BTS scenes I get the feeling they were just as surprised by it as we are when we first see those vids. Filming TN the way they did made the difference for that initial getting to know each other phase. Unlike regular filming situations instead of being forced to be together too much physically right from the beginning they were actually forced to be apart. Actual interaction (in the same space breathing the same air, right HB?) was limited so each interaction is further intensified and made more exciting, kinda like when you have a crush you don’t get to spend time with all the time, each subsequent time is more precious and the slow build up makes the whole more sustainable over the long term. The spark was there right away but the physical distance gave them both a chance to really evaluate who they were and what they were becoming to each other. That gives strength to a relationship because you stay rational and able to look at things from a more detached perspective, there’s greater objectivity. So when you finally get the chance to let the romance fully kick in, you can let go more and let emotion take over because you’ve already gotten over some of the mental hurdles everyone has in the beginning. My two cents, based on experience and observations of couples’ relationships through the years. Caveat: I could be totally wrong and just projecting
  2. so SYJ calling HB “oppa” in the Compliment Me video was her trolling him, making him think it wasn’t her, correct? But at the same time I’ve seen in kdrama where oppa is used both for an older brother and an older bf (Summer Scent). Or am I mistaken here? Can couples still address each other -sshi if they wish or is that too weird? Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  3. Question for anyone who knows the answer: was the first TN date when he said he calls her Actress Son but she said she calls him Bin-sshi? I know in the Metro interviews (?) he calls her Yejin-sshi. How does one determine when to “graduate” from the (I assume) more formal “Actress” ____ to -sshi to -ah? Is there any other level beyond that? LOL like here in the US couples call each other endearments like Honey or Sweetie. Is there a Korean equivalent?
  4. I finally just understood why both of them wearing RL at Baeksang was a big deal. That can’t be coincidence that they both chose RL, could it?
  5. Wait, what? I missed something again. There were two separate interviews where he mentioned her? Lol Hyun Bin the Smitten.
  6. Did we ever find out what this was for? I haven’t seen any CFs with her wearing that. Call me delulu I’m still wondering if that was a wedding weekend. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxWrTfH-7t/?igshid=zidyshmbem14 Amazed at your sleuthing skills!!!
  7. in my delulu world, SYJ is being very productive right now taking care of wedding arrangements, would love to see that “dialogue” too
  8. Plot twist: BinJin look like and act like each other because they ARE twins, separated at birth. ducking now
  9. Those of you who are having trouble with your eyes, what you can do is turn on your notifications so you receive posts by email, and then you only need to come here if you need to reply to something or if there’s a video or post you can’t view by email.
  10. Gaaaaah Don’t Do That I Just About Died need to prepare for resuscitation.....
  11. So much this!!! So tired of gratuitous sexual scenes and violence in Western shows and movies. And I love that kdrama ties up every loose end, eg, WTCB.
  12. yeah that would be weird and unprofessional for those people to be gossiping about SYJ. even if it were true can you imagine HB allowing his close friend to become the subject of such petty behavior? I think not.
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