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  1. I agree. Since SYJ has admitted before that she dates BUT does it secretly, it is HUGE that she has revealed this much this time. If it weren’t serious, she would just continue to be quiet until such time that she’s sure. It would be out of character for her to prematurely reveal a relationship if she isn’t sure yet that this is the one. I’m thinking they’re probably engaged or at least their families have talked about next steps. Hopefully wedding soon!!!
  2. I don’t know if this has been posted but man, BinJin fans are so clever and creative and skilled!! hoping for a BinJin wedding in 2021. And then the babies. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJQtWPYJxAd/?igshid=1ej83e9c8a9tm
  3. Deok Seon definitely had feelings for Jung Hwan. She made herself available for him, went to school early so she could be on the bus with him, countless times she made herself accessible so that Jung Hwan could have confessed. But first he let her crush on Seon Woo stop him, and then later on his realization that Taek liked her too. But there were numerous times he could have made a move and he didn’t. Actions speak louder than words, yes, and there were many actions from JH that showed he liked her. But women do need words too. Otherwise it all just becomes a guessing game. He didn’t take the
  4. were those two award shows she was sitting beside JHI? no wonder people thought they were together. and was that her and JWS sitting together? which award show was that? i'm assuming after AMTR? that's another favorite pairing of mine i also want to see her and JIS again. i think he looks so much better after The Classic. and he's my favorite actor other than GY who has never been paired with SYJ (but i hear he wants to be? is that ever going to happen? i hope so.)) i know, i'm greedy. but if i can't have HB + SYJ again i'd like to see her again with these
  5. whaaaaat. besides HB that was my absolute favorite pairing for SYJ and I still wish she and SSH would work together again (though I think SSH is a bit stuck in a certain acting style and not as versatile). hated the storyline though as I felt SYJ’s character was made too weak and just reactive to all the external forces around her. and the pacing, ugh. this kinda redeems it for me how in the world did she not get run over. I can’t believe they took that risk! but that scene on the soccer field and several others.... sigh, so swoon worthy.
  6. when I saw that I knew for sure something was going on. What woman would tolerate that from a man unless he was a bf? In public no less? To me it was HB clearly marking territory, and SYJ happy to let him do so. And some people might find that offensive but it depends on the couple involved and the dynamic. He wasn’t trying to dominate as much as he was demonstrating respect and caring. A friend, even a close one, would simply have let things alone.
  7. Plot twist: Yang Kyung Won and Son Ye Jin are together, not BinJin! I kid, I kid. Of course no official announcement would be made at a fan meet, come on, who does that. They’re so private and that’s what makes the relationship stable and healthy. When it comes I think it will be more of a formal press release, letting their fans know they’re getting married or just got married, thank you very much for your support, release a few pics maybe not even, and that’s it. It’s not going to be anything like the British royal weddings, with all the press invited, fans lining the s
  8. lol why do they all use the same tune? Is that a default Korean ent thing? I’m quite sure I’ve seen it somewhere with Gong Hyo Jin as well.
  9. I’m amused at the way HB has evolved in his feelings towards YSR. First he said at one point that YSR was a materialistic lump (sorry, I forget which vid) He also said when talking about YSR and SYJ difference that SYJ is not as exasperating (someone correct me, I forget exactly the words he used) as YSR because she’s not as blunt (?). And then he said they’re almost 100% the same. And now YSR is the most perfect/wonderful/beautiful/excellent in the world, indirectly complementing SYJ. As a psychologist I’m wondering at what point did
  10. Gosh, how perfect are they for each other? At least visually? https://www.instagram.com/p/CFR6w9sJB1C/?igshid=15pseb7z7hos1
  11. I saw a vid of JIS with the guys from The King, they were doing an interview and one of them said JIS is most likely to get married soonest because he wants to. So maybe he is dating someone? That was 2017(?) though. I also just saw the news about his new drama coming up with someone he’s done a lot of CFs with.... still hoping he and GHJ will get together. anyone here who can translate their commentary in these vids?
  12. I’ve seen this and I know we need to be respectful of HB’s previous relationship and not imply that there was something going on prior to their breakup... but this came straight from him (right?). I’m just amused because it reminded me of Angelina Jolie admitting in an interview, after her relationship with Brad Pitt was revealed, that she found herself looking forward to working everyday at the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith... which SYJ mentioned at one point she would love to do a similar project with HB. Not the same exact scenario but IYKWIM....
  13. yes, that’s one of my absolute favorite scenes from IOTL! So natural. And also made me wonder what the convo was like when BinJin went grocery shopping. This wine or that wine? This popcorn or that popcorn? Did you grocery shop with your previous bfs/gfs? Can we not talk about previous relationships? Etc etc
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