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  1. Never said JC was not guilty of anything, just that both men were grey characters. JB was not guilty of the murder he was convicted of. but I will give you the he tried to kill SH. That was rude. But there was no justification for SH to kill JB either. That is why SB rejected him. He made a lot of bad judgement calls due to his prejudices. And JB brother was always trying to kill him too. That family was FUBAR for sure. In the end I am glad that SH and JB apologized to each other for the wrongs they did to each other. I wish it had come earlier. The storytelling wasn’t the best. I didn’t hate either pairing. I didn’t see the HB/HA as eternal love. Just that they had a fate, just like JC/JB had a fate with them. I guess we are supposed to infer with the ending that the fate wasn’t settled yet? IDK I couldn’t make sense of it.
  2. Except JB wasn’t Jichul. Not really. And the killing wasn’t premeditated, and was almost self defense bcuz HB was going to shoot him. Also, JC didn’t really kill HB, it was those other peeps who carried him off alive, and tied him up, bashed his brains in and threw him in the water. Y’know, if u wanna get technical.. And then SH shot JB in the head, so it was kinda even steven. I get it though. It’s a bummer if you have a ship that doesn’t sail. I didn’t really care as long as it came together coherently. But it didn’t
  3. Yes! It was so terribly executed! It could have been so satisfying, but instead there was no time to really feel her feelings change. It was at the last very second and then he almost dies the end.
  4. I guess I am in the minority in liking the JB/SB loveline . I feel like the story could have been great if it were more tightly written. If SB character would have been less obtuse until the very end, And if the past/present characters were more clearly defined, it would have been easier to be satisfied with HA/HB laying their loVe to rest in the past timeline, and to allow the JB/SB loveline to grow in the present. HA was madly in love with HB, but SB fell in love with JB ultimately. It was when they all got their memories back that it got so convoluted. Did HS ever come back or was he HB the rest of the time? Was JB JC all the time after the injury? I just think the writer and director was at fault there. I think the actors did their best. I liked the elements of both men doing wrong things for what they thought was the right reason. I liked that there was the element of be careful how you judge people because the person who seems “perfect” on the outside isn’t so perfect maybe. I found JC/JB storyline to be the most compelling. JC was a pure hearted person born into the worst of circumstances, and tried so hard to be recognized as human, and as JB born into a family of Sociopaths, who was constantly baited into going black never did. I feel like the characters HB/SHand HA/SB were kinda flat. I feel like LSH did a great job with what he was given to work with. Likewise JSY. I always find JKY mesmerizing. I just wish he would pick better projects. Well, I guess I liked this drama better than Kill it. He was so cute in Search WWW, super in My Ajusshi, and huggable in Come and Hug Me. I have also liked LSH since Scholar when he played the heck out of Gwi. That was a terrible drama, but he was fantastic! Best of luck to all the actors going FWD. It’s not your fault that the writing, directing, and editing stunk. (Ok, I will say I could see where the writer wanted to go. It was a great story told in a terribly ineffective and frustrating way.)
  5. So, I think that in the 80’s line...JC had multiple personalities kinda like Mr. Robot. His “Father” was really his alter ego, and JC main personality was innocent and childlike. I JB current incarnation is a psychopath of some sort via genetics. His mother is obviously a psychopath, his brother is a psychopath, and so it is obviously genetic. He is trying very hard to “mimic” human behavior. SB knows he is a psychopath and is trying to encourage him to get in touch with his better nature, and to reject his base instincts. She understands that he literally doesn’t know any better, and can’t help his tendencies but that he can choose a better path. That is what is so sad about JB in his current incarnation. JC was a killer due to trauma. A sensitive person tortured to the point of dissociating with reality. Truly tragic. JB is a born psychopath, but trying to do better. He does not know what love is. He is obsessed with SB, because she makes him feel empathy, and she knows what he is, and tries to embrace him anyway. I am kinda disappointed that their current incarnations are so similar, and on almost the same trajectory. I hope there is redemption for JB. I still don’t know how the “butterfly cult” fits into all this. I know that JB had an obsession with “resurrection “ and that is what the butterfly signifies, but I don’t know how this is gonna tie together in our story. I am enjoying this drama, even though I feel like the writing could be a bit tighter. I find myself rooting for JB, maybe just because his story is the most interesting. SH character is a bit boring. SB character is a bit saccharine. The actors are doing well. I feel like they dropped the reincarnation fossil mystery and we haven’t heard about it again. It’s a shame. The premise is a good one, but poorly executed. It’s a waste of some really good actors. I’m hanging on for them, even though I freaking hated Wuthering Heights. People always talked about how romantic it was, but I thought it was just awful. I hated Catherine, and I ended up hating Heathcliffe at the end. Catherine’s husband was just kind of “there”. Catherine dies in childbirth halfway through the book....I hated it. I hope this Heathcliffe hets a happier ending.
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