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  1. Just watched finished this series. Soooooo good. I'm going to watch Boys over Flowers next.
  2. One Blogger rated B++. I'm so annoyed. CLOY deserve more than a B++. It was my first kdrama...so this series definitely set the bar high. I watched other recommended high rating series after and I can't say they are better than CLOY.
  3. Hyun Bin related... https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/celebrity/article/3088074/hyun-bin-lee-min-ho-park-seo-joon-and-5-more-korean-drama?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SC-style-fb-cpc-article-Korean-kdrama-kdramastarscomeback30s
  4. Did you guys notice they way RJH holds YS's head with his right hand each time they kissed? It's always the same position.
  5. Does anyone know if there will be a link to watch the live stream of the Baeksang Awards? I live in Canada...so it would be midnight for me when the awards is on.
  6. 5) gosh that birthday speech. How he said he was grateful she was born etc...melted my heart!!!!
  7. I want to start a list of sweet things RJH and SR did for each other. I will need all the CLOY fans help as there are too many to list out. I'll list out 10 first to get things started. 1) buying her shampoo/conditioner, candle, clothes, bra 2) roasting coffee beans and brewing a cup of coffee 3) arranging the books to spell I love you 4) bbqing meat during dinner and putting it on her plate 5) holding the candle at market when she was lost 6) buying the couples rings 7) recording the song for her to listen to to help her sleep 8) SR gave RJH the tomato plant 9) pawning her ring for the watch 10) sewing a heart on his uniform to cover the bullet hole
  8. You should definitely write up a review for each episode. This would help us with the CLOY withdraw.
  9. Are we allowed to exchange piano sheet music for the soundtrack on here?
  10. I wish I watched CLOY and joined the forum sooner to discuss with you all. Currently suffering from CLOY withdraw lol! Sorry in advance if I write about the things that have been discussed in the previous pages. I mentioned earlier in my previous posts about the chemistry between HB and SYJ. They are so good together. Even the fans want them to be a couple in real life. The rest of the casts were good too. They all played the roles well. Kudos to the casting team for finding the perfect cast for the roles. A little disappointed that they killed off GSJ at the end. I was hoping SD would get happiness too at the end since she did not get to marry RJH.
  11. When they first met...SR was still up in the tree talking into the walkie talkie...and RJH was looking up to her...at one point he smiled. Do you think at that point he already fell in love with her or when he saw her on the bridge? I remember him saying he always wondered what happened to that girl that tried to end her life?
  12. There were so many parts where I wished they hugged or showed more affection instead of just standing there looking at each other. RJH and SR have such good chemistry. I'm glad it was a happy ending but I wish the ending was just as intense as the rest of the episodes. You're right about the open ending. It is really up to us as viewers to think what ended up happening even those it was a good ending. The ending allowed us as viewers to use our imagination.
  13. Hello CLOY fans! I'm new here! CLOY was my first Korean Drama series. I don't know how I can watch another new series since they set the bar so high. SOOO GOOD! I was hooked instantly since Episode 1. This has probably been discussed in previous pages....but at the last epsiode Seri said "this is the best 2 weeks". Does this mean they only see each other 2 weeks a year? With RJH discharged from the army, was it temporary?
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