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  1. My emotions! What a beautiful episode my gosh. Yes it was both suspenseful and sad but there was this calm beauty underneath. I think this is what makes this show shine the way it does. It makes you feel and leaves you with this sense of wonder like a real life fairytale. I think this is why it's so hard for me to let it go :(.Anyway on to the episode :]. So many beautiful moments...I loved that Sangtae got to be the hero of the story! He promised to always protect his younger siblings and that's exactly what he did T_T. Though I love all 3 main characters, I think ST is the one who stole my heart the most. What a wonderful character, and the one that teaches us the most that It's Okay to Not Be Okay. IMO he def turned out to be the strongest of them all <3. Not to mention Oh Jungse's fabulous acting he deserves all the awards for this role!Phew appreciate that the nut mother was dealt with rather quickly. The only thing I was a bit disappointed was with hth? did she survive all she went thru the night of her "murder"? I guess the father's memory was wrong because who can survive that?The brothers refusal to leave MunYeoung <3 they love her so much and can't live without her. ST grew so much in this area so proud of him.Moments that made me cry:Sangtae telling Kangtae that he wasn't born to take care of him(ST) that's not why their mother gave birth to him for. KT needed to hear that and that it was ST who said that to him was even better. ST just wants KT to live his life and be happy <3 <3 <3.Their relationship is so healthy now. And it was MY who helped them get there & heal.Plus I appreciated that brother scene they gave us with Sangtae telling Kangtae that he's boring LMAO. Such a big bro thing to say to a little brother when he's fed up with him.T_T T_T T_T KT & ST taking care of MY and helping her the way she has done for them? *criesMG Kangtae yelling at Munyeoung that he loves her the same way she did in ep 2? I cheered, laughed and got teary.Sangtae's drawing of Kangtae T_T T_T T_T my boy has learned how to read and express emotions better <3.<3 that the drawing also helped MunYeoung let go of her self hatred a bit. That drawing showed how happy she makes Kangtae.I can tell the finale is gonna be soooo good! Satisfying but hard to say goodbye for sure.
  2. Gosh that was a freaking intense episode I was left speechless by the end of it.I love the Kangtae said that looking after his family won't be a chore to him anymore but he'll do it because it's his life goal now. It's what he feels. If anyone takes MY or ST away from him he'll fight until he gets his family back. That scene was perfection. And you know what he said is 100% true.Underrated scene imo, but it feels like Sangtae is learning to read emotions a little better on his brother at least.He could tell that Kangtae was feeling shy after his encounter with Moonyoung lmao.Sangtae's growth is gold. He's blossomed so much before our eyes and has become an actual adult, who would do anything for his younger siblings.Plus, the bros airing out all the toxicness in their relationship has really helped them heal and become even stronger. They always loved each other but their relationship was unhealthy, it's not anymoreI love how we've witnessed MY,KT, & ST go thru character arcs and come out stronger in the end. That's what I call good character development.I'm loving Juri and Moonyoung's building friendship again. They both deserve to have other people other than their family to talk to.The parallels between father's and daughter's all lead to the reveal that MY's dad was actually trying to protect her in his own way. he failed of course but I wish MY would know that and know that even if it was for a moment she wasn't alone in that houseMY's mother was a crazy bat! We already knew that but seeing why she killed The Moon brother's mom and her laughing about it later was CREEPY. It gave me the chills.My girl went thru so much in that haunted castle, the fact that she was able to keep any goodness inside of her and survive that childhood without turning crazy herself shows how incredibly strong and brave she is. TOP female character for me this year.The people who could tell nurse Park was the mom or related to her, I commend you! I never thought .that was possible. Although I'm not so sure she is, who could survive a 6 foot fall and landing on the stairs with a twisted neck? Breaking her skull open, bleeding out for who knows how long, and a watery grave to top it all off? I'm gonna guess that by the title of the episode she's MY's aunt who's also nuts & wants revenge. But with the twists on this show you never know lol.MY being sympathetic to ST not being able to draw emotions and trying to help him with that awwww....I know some wanted ST & MY to be the real siblings but I'm glad that he's not and he's KT's biological brother. He's MY's adoptive brother anyway XD.The ending: damn! I hate how Moonyoung found out how her mother was KT's mother's killer, my poor MY :(.And the revela of the nutso nurse: chills. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I don't want this show to end. It should have been 20 eps SIGH.OH and my baby Sangtae seemingly being in danger from the Park nurse better be a misdirect, no one touch my baby! Though OJS said he filmed ST having convulsions in an interview I saw..... but it could have been a cut scene, we will see.
  3. Omg in the preview is ST with the crazy RickRoll'D mom? It’s too fast but it looks like it. Don’t touch him! *calms down lol. Also the brother hugs in the preview
  4. Loved this episode. Got to say that they're handling the story between Daehyun and Saetbyul very well. The seeds were planted there from the beginning but thanks to Yeonjoo's character they were never allowed to really flourish til now. Saetbyul has always been in love with Daehyun & I think he's always felt attracted to her but never acted on it because of his toxic relationship with Yeonjoo. Although his feelings for SB obviously grew without him realizing it. Now here we are. I believe where their relationship is now, I was worried at first but I'm not anymore. Speaking of YJ I knew that low life woman would be back to cause problems, it's just the type of woman she is. It's not even about her loving him because she obviously doesn't. It's about control and ownership. She can't stand that he's not begging at her feet anymore and that he obviously has feelings for someone that she sees way beneath her. TRASH. Loved how many times DH put her in her place this ep though. Can't wait until he gives it to YJ one last time and makes her feel as worthless as she is. Ps. pre the preview it seems that for some reason she pushes him and he gets injured which will probably result in him ending up at the hospital later. Watch her blame SB for that though, that witch never accepts responsibility for anything. When Backstreet Rookie wants to go deep theysure know how to do it. All the Saetbyul vs bully stuff put me in a rollercoaster of emotion. SIGH. Luckily the reporter repented and published the true story and my girl got to kick some butt. I felt for Puppy, he was bound to get hurt but he knew the score. But I guess when you're in love it doesn't matter if the other person loves you or not, you just want to win them over. In his case it didn't work :(. I hope we see him end up with Eunbyul in the end. He deserves happiness just like her sister does. Sigh the ending FOILED! I've been waiting for their kiss since forever. I hope it's not til the end but I won't hold my breath. LOL Also I need SB to slap or beat YJ up just once, please.
  5. I decided to drop this. It’s so boring, nothing happens and if it does it’s at a snail’s pace. Halfway and nothing is revealed smh. Also I can’t connect with JW he’s too cold, boring and creepy for me to like him. Plus there’s no connection with him and HJ only The forced past life connection. Plus there’s like zero chemistry between the FL and ML. Their scenes are so bland and boring oh and forced. The only character I was watching for was DG and his scenes with HJ. But lately they’re ruining his character to make JW look good smh. Time to cut my loses
  6. It's Okay to Not Be Okay Backstreet Rookie To All the Guys who Loved Me--May drop this one though, not sure yet. It's cuz I like the 2nd male lead way more than the ML and it's obvious she won't end up with him so... I'll give it a few more eps to decide. Was It Love? Into the Ring Train
  7. New in this topic but been lurking lol. Anyway all this talk about the head nurse I dunno I do think she may be suspicious but I also have the theory that she's meant to be ST's love interest in the future. I could be wrong but...... She seems to like him and be attached to both of the Moon brothers. Just because SangTae has Autism it doesn't mean that he can't have romantic feelings for anyone. While he did have some feelings for MY in the beginning and clearly still finds her attractive I don't think they go deeper than a crush. He was very content with just being MY's bestie. I dunno but I don't think if he really had more feelings for her than a crush he'd be content with that. JMO. But If SangTae develops romantic feelings for anyone else it will help him understand KT & MY's relationship better. I also don't want ST/KT to be fighting over a girl, they have enough problems as it is. I was overjoyed that the brothers made up but their underlying problems are still there. They still need to heal together and separately for their brother relationship to be healthier from now on. SagTae's problem with Munyeoung is that he's completely afraid of losing his brother, that KangTae will abandon him to live a carefree life with Munyeoung. Of course that will never happen but I digress. Eventually I think ST will let go a little of the hold he has on his brother because 1. he deeply loves his brother 2. It's a way for both or them to heal from all the burdens and pain both have lived up to now and 3. He wants KT to be happy. Anyway, If the nurse turns out to be MY's mother and out to hurt the Moon brothers and Munyeoung I'll be pretty upset.
  8. Been lurking a lot i here but finally decided to post and say I hope that ep 10 is finally he episode where Daehyun starts letting go of Yeonjoo. After what her mother did to his family I think he's finally startin to see Yj as the awful person she is. He def told her he never knew her for a reason. LOL at her being the one in a misunderstanding now and DH being the one who refuses to listen to her "explanations. The last scene between DH and SB so mucn intensity and chemistry. I hope we finally get movement in the romance area in their story because there's only 6 episodes left! How are they gonna make this convincing? Guess I have to trust that they will.
  9. I'm really interested in this drama. The teasers look very promising
  10. 1. Stairway to Heaven 2. Witch's Romance 3. What Happened in Bali 4. It's Okay to Not Be Okay 5. Goblin
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