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  1. I hope everyone still gives this episode a chance. When I first learned through spoilers that they were separating again, I'll admit that I was kind of annoyed. Hell, I was mad. Can't we just let them be together? I was watching the sweet moments with a guarded heart because I was dreading what's coming next. But when I was able to watch the full episode and the events leading up to the separation, I think I understand. I'd say it was even realistic. Persisting to be together (physically) at this time would appear as stubborn to the unforgiving public eye. You know how it is, it doesn't matter if the rumors are true or not. The stakes are higher because they're public figures, not only them are affected, but everyone that works with them also experience the consequences because of the rumors. I honestly cannot think of any other way for them to deal with this other than what they did. It's not like they can say they've broken up then meet up secretly, because that kind of goes against their honest personalities. Moreover, for people like them who value their work, losing their livelihood for the sake of love is like setting up a future ground for them to be miserable with each other. I'd rather them break up, start again and be established career-wise, and then find themselves in each other's arms again. (This doesn't remove the fact that I still cried during the breakup scene, KDW is such an amazing actor, it's like I felt the exact moment his heart shattered ). Maybe I'll take this time to give some support to my homegirl Hajin-ie as well. I think it's a combination of factors in the way her character was written that made her decision to go away. Work-wise, her career as an actress wasn't very stable to begin with as compared to Anchor-nim. So with this issue, LJH is demoted at most, while YHJ loses work in Korea completely. Relationship-wise, I'd say HJ has not completely forgiven herself yet, which makes her very fickle in her relationship with JH. Therefore, while I'm not a hundred percent sold on Hajin's decision to breakup fully with anchor-nim, if going abroad means that she gets to achieve her full potential as an actress (hopefully with an established fanbase that can defend her) and at the same time heal herself, so that she can become someone better, mature and improved when she returns to Anchornim, then I can accept that. I bet she'll even be the first one to pursue anchornim again. You go girl! I don't think she's an LDR type of person as well, but hey, maybe writer-nim can surprise us all along, especially with that suspicious closeup of the rings on her fingers (but Anchornim doesn't have a ring, I've checked ). I especially loved her aura when she came back, she feels more mature and beautifully confident. So for the above reasons, this episode actually made me appreciate the drama more. It made me realize how much I love this drama that I'm willing to put myself in such an emotional roller coaster. My only wish is that the issue regarding the violation of patient privacy be solved beautifully with the professor in jail, genuinely realizing he was wrong and apologizing to JH in the end. Dumping him in a pile of trash won't hurt too (I'm calling you, Moon Chul ). So guess what, I'm watching till the end. P. S. I guess it helps that anchornim became even more hotter? Omoooo he's even more handsome working on field as a reporter
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