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  1. Naeun and taemin trending (mix with naeun april) in my country got me excited. Naeun because of her craziness just got exposed lol need to contact her image manager asap! Cant wait for her idol tour! Im not sure but they did wrote tht naeun will appear in Ep 2, Taemin bcs of his cb got delayed. Shawol is still shawol lol. The way they mocking SM got me wowww. not all btw. Some of them still respecting the way news got delivered. To me, it doesnt matter how the news out, as long as we are informed. And taemin is 12 y/o idol ald. Let him speak for himself n respect his voice. He promise us this year then it will be this year.
  2. @LauLau Uwuuu hayoung ahhh. No wonder after 5 years watching apink i just figure out that hayoung is not a leader and chorong is not maknae (i even argue this with my sister). So its not my fault. Its hayoungie’s! There are so many answers to that question but the way chorong told about “manner” then i know why i love Apink no matter how much nice gg i watched. Apink is really honest when they did something no wonder 9 years growing and keep growing. I hope they still can perform even 1 or 2 or 3 of them have child and all of them are married. Fighting Kpandas and us all Int pandas! Oh god... please granted @Fantasylife wish, because its my wish too
  3. @Fantasylife Ikr! I mean they can dine in the same restaurant but making naeun doing it with them is another level of friends i guess. And her dance doesnt seems awkward neither it shows through her dance nor facial expression when she usually shy around people. Im not familiar with SVT but they seems like getting along with so many idols they sure are all nice people.
  4. Looking at the point where knetz also shocked on how naeun doing tik tok with svt, makes me thinking how lucky taemin the only 1 that able to hug, prank, play with naeun on her willing before out of her professional work. and i think hoshi and vernon other than personality check completed, both of them are verified funny too.
  5. @LauLau i love ur last statement " it's not like he lives as a monk". people who think their bias never dates/ innocent are so naive and to be thinking all the idols never dates are also funny like where is the logic in that?
  6. Im not prepared for this!!! Naeun can socialise too guys! i watch twice to confirm its naeun bcs the vid resolution kinda low. And again i became a proud panda.
  7. i believe its a reflection it gives of direct sunlight. try to take a picture of u and the sun. the dots will appear.
  8. waaa i love this kind of sharing. so here is my answer: 1. originally non 1 of those. but i've been recognizing apink since 2014. very far from wgm viewer. but sometimes i watch couple who caught my attention, like soolim couple, taekso, yura and jonghyun but only cut scene. thats why i can differentiate how taeun couple different with any other couple. they all sweets but drama way or sometimes the girls seems kinda forced to do so. 2. 2020 for taeun. very late to acknowledge this. for apink maybe 2014? i enjoy watching apink's variety show and their cute songs. for shinee they never caught my interest before. since there already a lot of group when im into kpop. bigbang brought me into this world btw. im a YG stan. rather than loving the visual or fans to the most famous kpop group, i stan the one who attract me. like their talent is like no any other. 3. only taeun couple. i'd acknowledge some of kpop dating scandal like zico and seolhyun (bcs i like zico. hes swaaag) but only like "want to know" kinda feeling. same to other kceleb mostly "want to know" kinda feeling. 4. im very familiar with naeun and apink members as well. they were all my bias equally. watching their variety shows previously i really can see that their relationship is very harmony and they didnt fake their chaotic. like every one is acting like themselves in front of camera. naeun is the most passive (and keep being passive lol) only on action when needed and necessary. despite her visual but never outshine members. i personally think she can do sexy dance better than anyone else but she choose to limit herself and lets other members do it (i'll only be a pretty potato- says naeun ><D). every member in apink never outshine/ overshadow each other and always give chance to 1 another. i can see that 6 beautiful heart were combined into apink. they arent like other girl group. for shinee i never stan them. i only know shinee exist but i dont know who >< but after knowing them, i missed a lot of their variety show and gonna keep searching for it. 5. the most things that i like about them is their heart and personality. i will start with naeun. people who knows how cold she may seems and how boring she can be. she has her own style which is she seems boring but at the next second she can got hyped up. despite her super introverted personality, she manage to did everything the MCs told her to do even its a duddd lol. but as an introverted like her, i know the struggle. she kinda like me (but im more open). its hard to get interested with people who u dont know, maybe thats explain how she cant communicate/ ask question when she meet new people. its hard to do skin ship with someone u just met (even with girls), hard to express feelings. but yet, she survive in this industry, thats how tough she is. contradict to her outer shows, shes a warm person, she actually can be a noona to any people she close with. i think this gonna be endless... last but not least, people born with different personality, so i wish people who dislike her outer personality will never bash her. if u dont like her, just leave her alone. there alot of kpop girl out there for you to spread love. for taemin, what i can see with about 5 month discovering lee tae min, i think the personality hes showing in TV are actually contradict with his actual self. he seems cheerful, playful, like a baby, clumsy and all. but actually he is a very serious person. he did everything seriously with all his will. even key mentioned that taemin is a very serious person and he behaving nothing like home when hes in front of camera -- i think thats why he got teased a lot by his hyungs. even through his performance u can see his duality. we cant help but mesmerized by how he performed sad songs like he is broken hearted and dazed at how sexy he can be like hes in naughty mood now. but in real life he just an innocent peanut who focus on how to give out his performances. i dont know much abt him, but i can detect when hes lying, flustered or bored. he kinda transparent. what can i see, he has the very exact goal what he wants to achieve, he know himself very well, even with lots of stress, he enjoy doing what he did. if he didnt enjoy, he is the type to show it. so fans dont have to worry if he suffering during wgm filming. he enjoy it well :p. and he is matured as well (confirmed by his hyungs since 2011/2012?). the way he answers question seems that reality really hits him at the very young age. for naeun i think reality hits her during wgm. the similarity of them both have are naeun and taemin both love to smile and laugh a lot. people who laugh a lot usually people who cry a lot as well. they have a sensitive feelings and beautiful heart. they also the type of willing to leave anything behind just for the sake of achieving their dreams. i hope in the next 2 3 years, they keep achieving their dreams to the top where they both are untouchable and far from receive unnecessary criticism bcs they dont deserve it. i think thats why their wgm turns out successful and dramatic at the same time. with this personality combined. they are different yet similar to each other. i like a lot about them individually and if it is to describe its gonna take forever and u guys will get tired of reading. 6. because i think they are being truthful to each other. they really did their best in this show despite their introverted personality. how naeun can be super shy and turn out to be super comfortable in the end. people who know naeun, knows that she is not faking her self and shes bad at faking herself. i can even recognized if what she says is scripted or not (really bad at acting our nangni). for taemin, he already satisfied with his partner from the start. he likes her at the start and begin to love her at the end. the show process made them fall for each other. naeun seems to have trust issue with guys, but seeing she trust taemin really makes my heart flutters and believe all those feelings are real. because naeun such a very awkward person. and for them being an actual couple in real life, is very convincing that they gonna have a good time together. like i said, they are different yet very similar to each other. they complement each other character and personality very well. taemin seems likes to throw tantrum, and naeun seems accepted so well. taemin is very outspoken, naeun likes to hide things. what i like is when taemin throwing tantrum, he brings out the inside naeun (which makes naeun getting mad and spit out everything from her mouth) -- this what i see from the wgm. its like complementing each other character. 7. at the restaurant after they visiting school where naeun ask taemin "should i only laugh in front of you?'". mostly the question seems scripted durign this moment but the reaction is original. it was a super awkward moment but i love the originality. when taemin flustered to ask the question like he grabbing the cup like he want to drink water but he didnt lol. and naeun cant even look at taemin's face and she doesnt even know where to look at. other than that, i love every scene. 8. honestly i got none. i used to hold onto the rosary bracelet but since naeun stop wear it now, i only have my faith lol. i dont wanna put my hope too high. i decided to be neutral they can be with who ever they want to be with as long as they are happy. i dont own them and totally have no right to force them to be with anyone. 9. they can be with whoever they want to be <3. i will support them anyway. 10. i dont really like shinee's songs. but i love taemin's. my fav from taemin is under my skin- japanese song. i cant get enough since the 1st time i heard. and the lyrics is something that i can relate with myself too. so i freakin love this song. overall i enjoy all of his performances. his stage presence is amazing! but here is a list of my fav song from taemin: under my skin the person i loved the most in this world move soldier danger monologue hypnosis im crying from apink ofcourse luv, mr.chu, nonono n the latest is eung eung are my all time favorite. for apink i love them as an individual and as an apink. i dont really know their songs. but i watched all their variety and reality show. they are the most real-est kpop idol. dont watch if u expecting a cutie that will tickle your hearts. sorry for my bad english. i know u had a hard time to understand. btw can u identify what kind of fans am i? i confused my self sometimes. and im not easily offended.
  9. kinda agree with this. like i love lee min ho since i was 11 and now im in my early twenties and knowing him having relationship with suzy does makes me thinks like "its good he has someone beside him". im not too favor of suzy's drama or miss A and it doesnt effect me being fangirling lee min ho at all. what matter is, its lee min ho and i love every of his character. and i freakin love jennie blackpink because her performance made me goosebumps everytime, knowing she has relationship with kai got me so neutral like "ohh i see shes in relationship" kinda of feeling. and thats all (or am i too bland?). i think im not obsessing and only love the person's talents. no matter how the person came scandalous, if the 1 million fans are loyal, then its untouchable. #dontgetobsessed maybe my situation kinda different bcs taemin is an idol but my point is love the talents presented. thats what he is there for. to entertain us.
  10. naeun can be playful sometimes ><D. glad to see the actors interacting like this and show to the public.
  11. strongly agree with this. Lets be real, taemin is not all about naeun and naeun is not all about taemin. like us who is in relationship, the things we do or have doesnt necessarily relate to our bf/gf.
  12. as a taemint survivor (:p) , i understand why people being head over heels for him and over protective especially kfans. they get to see taemin physically and able to interact with him. they think they know him. the way he treat his fans like he value them so much and very thankful for them. he is so sweet and enjoy being babied by them, he know what kinda respond that make fans go crazy yet he did. yes its good but that makes the fans even more possessive of him. even after unfortunate incident, instead of drawing boundaries, he never stop appreciating his fans as best as he could and i never seen any celebrities treat their fans as taemin. im not saying its bad. actually thats how celebrity should treat their fans but again fans need to understand and know their boundaries. even with families, theres something that we should not cross over.