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  1. I’ve been away for far too long. I hope they would bring back the white theme as the dark background makes me dizzy with my poor vision. Does anyone know how to insert photos here using url?
  2. That is a feat already omg!!! So excited for her content, maybe me can also catch a glimpse or find PPC evidences along the way i hope that Psj and PMy will be the king and queen of youtube in korea.
  3. Agree!!! let’s do this for PMY! She does read comment, she named her channel Just ParkMinYOung for international fans. Ahn Bo Hyun commented on her IG post and PMY replied. I don’t know what they are talking about. @twoparkcouple thank u so much. It is really so near All the love in the world for Seo Joon & Min Young!!!!
  4. Wohoo!!! Here goes the queen let us support her youtube channel. Excited for her content.
  5. Tomorrow is June 10, it is PMY scheduled Cosmo shoot I think I hope she starts her youtube channel, I believed she will have great content as she has warm personality. Even her recent IG feed wherein she is watering the plants with Leon is aegyo and adorable. And it is just a very short clip, what more if it is a whole video. edit: speaking, just now, I saw in IG she has released a teaser in her youtube channel
  6. Oh wow maybe that kind of face is blessed and fated to be loved by their partner What a pity we don’t have that kind of Park Min Young/Eugene/Gabie sweet face
  7. I think Park Min Young resembles Eugene more in her younger years when her face is more puffy. Since WWWSK, she lose weight. I agree though both have beautiful smile and that youthful aura. I love Eugene, (save the last dance is my first fav kdrama with Jisung) so no wonder I came to love PMY also as they are lookalike. May I ask what is the distance again of PMY house to Seo Joon? Last time I checked it was 82 meters. But if it is 82 meters, wow that is super close walking distance
  8. Wow, like seriously that is so much coincidences thank you for pointing that out. They pretty look like the same and yes I do hope that they can play together in a kdrama. I have watched (sorry if its a bit off Topic) the reality show, “The Return of Superman” and there I realized that Eugene and Park Min Young resemblance is uncanny. And his husband, Kim Tae Young adores her even if they are married for many years. At that moment, I also wish that Park Min Young will be blessed with the same marriage with Park Seo Joon (as we saw during WWWSK how PSJ is enamored with PMY) and you have mentioned Eugene’s children being pretty (Rohui, the elder child is super adorable ). In addition, Park Min Young personal touch of giving gifts to her fans have reminded me of Eugene’s dIY of her daughter’s birthday party. Both of them have that maternal or loving instinct
  9. I have been thinking that Park Min Young looks like another actress and finally I realized it was Eugene of “Save the last Dance for me”. They are lookalike. Both pretty and sweet
  10. For me, he is my best actor congrats to him he did well. There will always be a next time. PSJ looked somehow not his usual cheerful self awhile ago, he seemed serious and tired. Well, anyway I read too much into it.
  11. Hi! I am meaning to ask why quoting with photos or videos are not allowed? But one can upload photo or video from other sources:link right? Really sorry I haven’t read the forum rules.
  12. Wow, I have been away or should I say just lurking for the past few days and viola!!! so many things have transpired here. Anyway, I am a newbie just last April I became a fan of them and so I both understand where the newbie and the oldie (should I call them this ) Shipping is really like a roller coaster ride for me. It will throw you off sometimes yet, you still want to hold on and enjoy the ride On the other hand, I am curious to what someone has posted here about PMY having a new project and reflecting on it. I read before that someone posted it. I hope that person will reiterate this news. Thank you! Peace and love for the PPC
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