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  1. It's normal for BinJin fans to get excited after all this time. We cannot stop if some gets so excited with high expectations. Let them be, otherwise they deserve it after all the support since BinJin started as long as they know how to draw the line.
  2. HB why do you have to keep bringing The Negotiation times? Can't get enough of your lady love? All this questions are pre reviewed and approved by VAST! We all already knew how she took your heart away the moment you two worked together 3 years ago! Love is always in the air for these two!
  3. His response regarding his popularity is positive in China and when Weibo was mentioned is so SARCASTIC! haha
  4. There's no recent denial regarding the wedding. It's made up by lovekpop that said it came from Allkpop!
  5. OMG i can’t move on how tanned their arms are! It’s so obvious they’ve been playing golf together haha
  6. I thought i read on twitter that there was a picture but they don’t want to release it to respect their privacy! So they spent there with her family.
  7. Again VAST uploaded his 2nd seasonal greetings right after Jennyhouse uploaded YJ's 2nd part of her Rebak.. ehhh Don't make it too obvious
  8. Okay so VAST answered YJ's post on her IG only after an hour?? Of all the days available why does VAST needs to do it on the same day with her?? Another piece of cake given by VAST itself, at least ours sources are direct from people around them obviously not from such innocent dog lol
  9. It’s hard to tell. We don’t know if that’s how they prefer to be seen in the public like working with each other rather than admitting their relationship in public. Everybody in korean industry knew they are in a relationship.
  10. I saw a video of their kiss in CLOY on IG ( the original version where they shoot in switzerland, not the reshoot where they have to shoot in korea ) they zoomed in and you could see that SYJ kissed him more maybe because she knew they’ll take the scene with camera far. You could tell how her head moved! Totally different with the reshoot one where she act so shy! It’s so natural!
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