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  1. I’ve just read a new soompi rule: Update #4 - New rule: "No more Instagram embedded posts" × By Hanyeoun 06/19/2020 Update #4 - New rule: "No more Instagram embedded posts" Good day, everyone! Soompi's community has always been about passionate people sharing their contents. The best way to do that has been through the promotion of social media. Unfortunately, as of the first week of June 2020, a US court's pre
  2. Are there mozzies in Swiss during summer or in SK during winter?? Because that’s when that scene was filmed
  3. Only Hyun Bin can make drinking water uh so sexy Even the first lady of Korea is a fan
  4. Yes, I noticed that too lol The restaurant should release the cctv
  5. Apart from the Swiss reunion, this is my favourite kissing bts too They were so comfortable kissing each other passionately and laughing afterwards. They didn’t really show the kiss on screen though, too hot
  6. That will confirm our suspicion then But isn’t it telling that she normally posts travel pics but none on the Maldives trip, eventhough her friend LJH confirmed at an interview SYJ went with her during her honeymoon trip?
  7. I like this tweet I bet all of us Binjin shippers understand the emojies
  8. Don’t forget A Moment to Remember was about Alzheimer and Cloy was also somewhat political because it touches on the issue of NK & SK re-unification. I like to see SYJ and HB together again in movies about: - disability: husband has an accident and becomes disabled. The movie can show how the family cope, issue of discrimination, accessibility, rehabilitation etc -adoption: married couple who can’t conceive and decide to adopt. Adoption is still a bit of a taboo in SK.
  9. Not coincidence, not destiny, but synchronisation They love to synchronise remember, definitely practicing for next year’s olympics
  10. Idk why, but the way HB was trying to get close to SYJ for the photoshoot made me feel so touched. It reminds me of when RJH said to YSR, “if you stay within my sight, I’ll keep you safe.” He’s a real life RJH! He loves his woman so much and will do anything to protect her! I found this Korean poem that aptly described that moment by Yijeong Hanim 내눈엔... 너만보인다는말... 난...거짓말이라고생각해... 내눈엔많은사람들이보여.. 그치만..그많은사람들중에서 " 너만을찾게돼..." In my eyes... The saying that you're the only
  11. SYJ’s Neuramis interview with english subtitle, she’s both beauty and brain
  12. How they looked so good together just by walking and everyone’s eyes were on them captivated I felt as if it was Capt Ri guarding YSR from behind making sure she didn’t step on cables and tripped Walking in synchronised steps and mirroring each other looking at the stage And this is my fave bit on stage The ship is sailing nicely y’all!
  13. Mr KTP, if you’re reading this we really really love you and your shoes and your car I am disappointed that you didn’t win because I personally thought you had a slight edge against other actors but I wish you all the best in getting the best actor award in future. Fighting And please please do other projects with Ms SYJ because your chemistry on screen is the best!
  14. Someone here was talking about SYJ’s earrings. They are real diamonds and very very expensive
  15. I forgot to mention it to you when I saw the post on IG but at the time I thought the account holder must’ve dm’ed you for permission. It did say from soompi, it was captured with your name and all. I’ll have a search again which IG account it was posted in.
  16. Whoa, that was fast! The person must’ve deliberately lurked here to get some juicy info in order to spread it I remember seeing @RiRiGaGa‘s post about why HB was attracted to SYJ on an IG account sometime ago.
  17. I wonder why they’re not accepting the fan rice? Even if there’s no event scheduled it is still a gift from fans to celebrate her 20th anniversary debut and show her their love. It’s so strange for MSTeam to reject it and why did it take so long for them to reply. They are pretty slow and inefficient.
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