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  1. oh btw yesterday i read few pages of this thread 1,2 and 3 and then, i found one post (from 2015/2017 im not sure), that makes my heart ache but excited at the same time. i think it is the translation from weibo or somehere, they said: there is an unaired moment from ep 49 (that episode where yonghwa gives seohyun the scraft he made), remember yonghwa wears the gloves? in the end yonghwa lend the gloves to seohyun because seohyun is cold and then seohyun found out that yonghwa hurts his hand because of the needles or something when he made the scarfts and seohyun started crying because of the guilty and thankfulness, thats why they have a deep talk about their feelings and the agencies decided to ended yongseo before there is scandals about them idk its true or not but i read it yesterday and keep thinking about that what do you guys think about this?
  2. hey im coming back again even no one replies my first post two days ago. yes you are right. only two days ago i posted something and im gonna post again, but please dont considered this as spam lol the thing is i wonder where can i reaching out to the official fanbase -like yongseo china or yongseo thai- that give gifts for yong or hyun's birthday? does anyone know about that?
  3. hey this is my first time join this forum i have been fan like idk so many years maybe since 2012 but of course im still nothing compare to you guys and just few days ago im rewatching the show and now im shipping so hard i might die thats why im looking for goguma chinggu all over the media like twitter, instagram and finally found this forum and im so touched this thread started since few years ago and still going on so nice to meet you guys, hope we can talk with each other frequently, since i think we have a little hope because of the banmal song yong sang few months ago right? i really hope we can get the happy ending
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