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  1. Hi guys, Isn't D bday coming up soon? Isn't it her 30th this year according to lunar calendar? ....I have just seen some of her new bridal photos on instagram, as gorgeous as always, and couldn't help to think about her marriage statement in the past ....hopefully, we soon will know if this ship sails to a happy ending (or nowhere ) Personally, i cannot wait (waiting still ) to see D&V announcement together because they were the only couple so far gave me that super exiciting feeling about their chemistry on and off the screen. By now, i have settled (yet remembere
  2. Yup, as soon as i heard it got released on SBS On Demand in January this year I heard HBO asia had the eng sub (can't access where i am)...but i guess im lucky to be able to watch SBS on demand...not sure if you can access this site from another country https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/ (just create an account, you dont have to pay or subscribe, only tv ads in betweens)
  3. Anyone in Australia can watch eng sub now on SBS On Demand. You dont need to pay, just create an account to log in. The only thing is tv ads during the show, but i really dont mind since i have been waiting for so long to watch this in eng sub
  4. I wonder if those fans also threatened him on last sunday at the award ceremony? That was why they did not interact and tried not to be obvious? Plus, R looked unhappy and distanced herself ...I thought it was weird when V pretended to turn left looking at her direction, then he changed his face expression. He stopped smilling for abit there. Not sure he was concerned or serious or something else... Anyways, regardless, im still waiting for their gx. Maybe in the next 2 years when she turns 30yo and gets married, we will know the truth about this cp. For now, they remain the only c
  5. Omg, he was at tencent awards 2020 last night and won their VIP star award!!! He was singing on stage too!!!
  6. I cannot wait to hear news from the 'red carpet' tomorrow!!! Hopefully they will be together in some way.....haven't seen them together for awhile....I so miss this couple!!! If Tencent had drama couple of the year award, i would vote for them too
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