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  1. The wolf is out! Yay! i can only find the eng sub on yt and they are only up to ep6 so far. They will upload 6eps with sub everyweek (thurs/fri/sat). I heard XZ appearing only from ep10, so i have to wait until next week to watch him in english... Here is the link if ur region is not blocked
  2. I was thinking of skipping the first 9 eps but afraid i might not understand the story, so i will try to marathon too haha....thank god YT has eng subtitles ☺
  3. I have been patiently waiting for subs...everyday i have diligently checked dramacool and seen new episodes being released one by one as RAW only!!! (im losing it lol) Maybe if HBO didnt buy the licence, WeTv (tencent) could have released the english subs already???!!!
  4. Does anyone know where I can watch this drama in english sub now?
  5. Meng Meiqi, also from jade dynasty...
  6. I read the article about this award and they actually invited XZ and the actress to the awards show....i mean, really? Who would want to go and take the award for most disappointing actor and actress??? How far do they go to insult someone career and hard work? Btw, I watched jade dynasty. It wasnt great but it wasnt that bad. It wasnt what i expected but it was certainly not "disappointing actor and actress" kind of feeling. There were worse movies and dramas than that everywhere and worse actors too. And the thing is that all celebrities have been in at least one or two bad movie
  7. TCCAsia has just announced the winner for the 100 most influential faces of 2020. Our V is on no.4 and R is on no. 5! Next to each other! http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/154949255.html?weibo_id=4518633001434441 P.s. jh is somewhere on 47 or 49?
  8. Hopefully with this great news, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel, meaning, his new dramas are getting released very soon!!! I want to watch him so much that I searched for one of his old dramas Battle through the Heaven. He had a support role and appeared from ep4 (other members of his boyband also in there), but I enjoyed watching it so far. It feels like having rain during a drought season
  9. Omg i have been in and out here many times to see when this drama will be released, as well as douluo continent..... If those dramas were filmed and paid for, why not releasing them now? Are they waiting for a certain time? But when? It is abit frustrating ...shouldnt it be served when it is still hot?.....left for too long and more new dramas would come along and compete....
  10. LOL ok ok....we are back to ELOD, gg and mm now...sorry, just said my thought coz i saw LD bts here P.s. since you said there would be a big ending, i probably would watch the end...but would wait until those last episodes released and subbed (no VIP, the only time i joined VIP was to watch ELOD ) and get back to see what happened
  11. to be fair, there were scenes where he was okay...but in some others, it was like watching him reading his scripts in his low voice...i could see he tried to inject some emotions on his face to act the scenes but it was kindda stiff...im not quite sure how to describe it...lol Btw i dont have the intention to trash this guy, i do think actors/actresses always work hard for their dramas so we should give them a chance regardless of their rumors...but maybe becoz i haven't watched other dramas of his to fully judge his acting skills...and i did find when he smiled he was ok haha (th
  12. Honestly, I gave LD drama a chance and watched it without having prejudice against jh....however, i have recently dropped it because the way he talked/acted and his voice were...annoying! I tried to find an attractive point to watch but the character and his look didn't help either lol (sorry and no offence to his fans) Not sure if he does fancy her (maybe, becoz she is very famous and beautiful, hard to resist) but in the name of acting, he did kiss and touch her alot in the drama! Gotta say even though i tried my best to be unbiased and knew very well it was acting but i felt
  13. yup, i found Ryan's look in trotar pleasantly handsome. I also found xiao zhan's look and gao weiwang's look in their ancient dramas very attractive, same for the actresses btw (dilreba, lusi, etc)....idk, i find the ancient style seems to suit their faces very well (Maybe because i have a thing for chinese ancient dramas lol) Lol, I ignored the fact that it was based on bl and focused only on the storyline. It was interesting to watch actually. And i agree, the Untamed boys were not that bad and less obvious...whereas in trotar, the musicans were supposed to be men who served wo
  14. Hahahaha, same here, i LOL so hard watching Rui Rui reaction there. Gold!!! Also, I have just finished ep22 with sub. I gotta say that i didnt like the character Pei Heng at first and still dont like him until now lol (sorry and no offence, ryan is much better looking than sheng yinghao anyways). Now I will patiently wait for the last 2 eps to be subbed because I don't want it to end lol . I enjoy watching HS & QQ couple in ancient time, so I hope to see season 2 with more romance and laughters from the same cast
  15. Wow, he spoke so fast! I have no clue what he was talking about but thanks for the links. I like his singing and speaking english about 3 things he loves
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