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  1. Lol i thought so too, there were times i felt like he was just reading his lines instead of acting with emotions. Also, no offence, some supporting actors have a better look than him, although when he smiles (big smile) he has his own charm in a way, but i haven't seen him smile that much in the drama so far... Reba is beautiful as always, however she kinda looks pale in this drama, not really fresh somehow...maybe because of her makeup style for the role? Or she lost weight for the role? Her face looks skinny... Idk...i still prefer watching her in ancient/historical dramas than modern ones Btw, i only know cao yuchen from watching the untamed, so it is a pleasant surprise to see him again in this drama. This boy looks better without glasses lol
  2. I have just finished this drama and i am so confused right now! Was that the end? What happened??? Can someone explain the end for me please
  3. well, zbb and dl were much better than jh in many ways (better looking face, fame, no bad rumors), yet since elod came out, they couldn't stand a chance against gwg (their chemistry level)....i don't know how is rb and jh chemistry in this drama (i haven't watched it) but if it is not on the same level or higher than in elod, jh can just keep dreaming on being shipped with R
  4. I think those are fake accounts in the pictures. If you compare their account names words by words with the real ones of vengo and reba, you will find the differences in the characters (i think reba is the second word and vengo is the fifth word)
  5. When it first started, sure, i got that they worried about him as their ambassador. But now he even apologises publicly. Everyone can see that those haters are just being unreasonable. Sure, very well established brands may want to choose someone else safer (already well known), but there are growing companies out there would see it as the bigger the risk the better the return, we never know....anyways, i hope he doesn't lose hope and keeps working hard to start all over again. Btw, all idols have haters anyways. There is actor out there with worse reputation (domestic violent, etc...) yet still gets main lead role with famous actress....i believe xz will get his chance to rise again, like i said, he has the look, can act (didn't go to acting school), and definitely can sing very well.......it would be a waste for the entertainment industry if he got faded out....i know i would enjoy more of his dramas and more of his singings in the future
  6. So, how many haters are there to actually boycott his endorsements or tv shows? Comparing to the number of his supporting fans? In fact, on weibo, his name is still on number 1 of trending topic. I heard he got many brands cancelled on him as their embassador because of the incident. Really???!!!! Hello, I know this guy thanks to ao3!!! LoL (sorry but yes! So, which brands cancelled him? They are out of my list now!!! ) From then on, im interested because of his talents. And the fact that he was used as a scapegoat appeals me even more to support him. The important point here is that he himself did not do any bad deed. So, i feel like the more they condemn him, the further his name is spread! @taekwang yes!!!gimme gimme gimme, their performance is so cool Also, i love this song
  7. Lol, for real?!!! So, instead of spending time to focus on his career, now this poor guy has to pay more attention to what his fans are doing and their behaviours!? He has to "take care" of his fans like little children, has to remind and tell them to be "normal" and behave all the time from now on!? i read that he said he was confused and not aggrieved about the whole situation... Man, if i was him, i would probably be very tired of my fans by now...emotionally... Btw, i noticed he has changed his stage name to Sean Xiao recently, i guessed it was because of the incident? So i guess it is a common practice in showbiz entertainment industry, does anyone know? P.s. i am waiting for "The Wolf" it was filmed in 2017, i really dont know why it has been held off for 3 years now....
  8. Finally I have found a tread for XiaoZhan! Lol Hi all, recently, I am kind of following this young singer/actor! Ironically, I only know about him because of the ao3 incident. He has a very good looking face, can do acting, and oh my god, his singing is amazing!!! After watching a couple of his dramas and many clips of his singing, I actually feel really sad for what he is going through at the moment. Why does a talent like him get brought down because of some random fans? He did not even do anything wrong yet he had to apologise (tell me who can actually control a large fanbase with some fans having a screw loose?)??! Worse, I read that those people from ao3 don't want to accept his apology?!!! WTF?!!! are they children? I hated his fans who caused the problem at first, but now I think the ao3 people are NO difference from those ridiculous fans! Why being stubborn?! Let him shine because he has been working hard for it ! and what have they achieved in their own lives so far?! (Sorry, after watching his interview, i just want to share my thought here, thanks for reading guys)
  9. Im sorry? What are u talking about? I was saying congrats to V on top no.1 of ideal boyfriend (and ironically Johnny Huang on no.9)....I didnt even mention any role or face or even RB Here is the link again if you want to re-read it https://www.beauty321.com/post/32457#p5 or back to my post and re-read it! Cheers P.s. oh, i have just realised that you may be talking about the character/role Ji Heng in ELOD (played by Liu Yuxin)???!!! LOL, pretty sure she could not be on the list of ideal boyfriend even if she wanted to, let alone top 9, my dear.....and if you are talking about Liu Yuxin, yep, her face looks plastic and RB is better even without makeup
  10. Lol She was there for a travel program, i just dont know if it was the program idea to include the wedding theme to promote tourism and rich chineses for prewedding photoshoot destination or not, and reba might just use that concept to her own interest...the intersting thing i read somewhere was that she gifted herself that dress, it was not a brand promotion, same as the ring....but well, someone else (not me) has already said if she had the money why not!? Lol And about disneyland, V had to be there with someone, but without evidence we dont know who?!!!
  11. Gosh, when she was 18 she was so pretty with a naive look!!! ... then just 2 years later she was with V in a romance drama...given he was handsome and at a matured age (30yo), he must have already captured her naive heart back then (i know i would fall in a heartbeat hahahha )
  12. Lol im hooked! Interesting story! Im not into bl but i was curious about xiao zhan so i watched the drama! (and it has popped up on my netflix for awhile lol) Now im here for more info about the storyline, hello and thank you
  13. Tomorrow is 28, are we expecting something? i wonder if vengo comes here to check out what we talk about them? Hahaha but then again, he is a busy man, like he has time for anything!!!
  14. I really hope donuts and small tails can still remain calm and keep watching dh & fj kisses in elod .This kind of mocking post was to provoke us, so dont fall for it, they probably tried to manipulate our emotions. Donuts have been so patient and u guys did a good job being so until now. V is so lucky to have such fans On the other hand, this xxh woman, lol i cannot help but to think she is really an emeny of reba in disguise (and the rest of other xxh who have already started other wars), the so-called "only enemy", ops, i mean "only fan" of reba!!! Right after the legal case related yz fans, (reba cannot take a break), now this xxh wants to use her own fans to manipulate more ruckus, lol, maybe she won't be satisfied until another like "xiao zhan" case happens to reba....this xxh is so like an evil twisted character walks right out from a bad drama i usually see on tv!!!! She thinks she can bully us becoz many of us are fans of both so we wont do anything, but just let her be the clown. Plus, we don't have the upperhand unless our couple is true and announced officially (i cannot wait). Annnnd, unless V decides to make a strike, i say dont let the xxh devils get what they want from us!
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