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  1. Welcome back!! It's great to see familiar faces!! For sure they've been doing anything and everything to hint the numbers 28....... It's too cute.
  2. There's still ongoing glitches on this forum. How are you guys handling the glitches?? What's up with Vengo and Reba getting bad apples co-stars? Maybe it's actually better for us because other people won't easily associate their co-stars with them. Better for us
  3. Yes! Mine is dark mode automatically. Feels so nostalgic! I love coming here because it's my happy place!! Thanks everyone for the updates!!
  4. These 2 have been giving me so much sugar it's hard not to come back again and again. I've never been this addicted to finding dog treats before. Thank everyone!! Especially thank you to our GuangRe because I believe they are real
  5. Thanks for sharing your story!!! I just wanted to let you know I've read it and your words are worth every penny! ahha I finished ELOD at the end of March and I wonder why I am still here now - I check every couple of days because I can't believe is there is more and more and more sugar as days go by. So much fun!! I can't remember if I had ever replied to you before, but yeah I like those two as well - and they were real. Chemistry is undeniable. PLEASE come back often!!!! I absolutely love how you call him Grandpa!!!! haha
  6. I couldn't fall asleep yesterday, so I read this post in full. Your efforts were not wasted!! Thanks so much! Personally, I didn't understand why I was obsessed with GuangRe cp couple - it was definitely a journey. When I have some time, I will write out my own analysis and share with here with everyone.
  7. We miss you!!! Miss seeing the good stuff shared by you!! Yes. I definitely think that's what happened. The ship is still sailing!!!! I have a feeling that they can't see each other everyday even if they wanted...... different filming schedules. Yup, I'm on your side for this.
  8. For about 4-5 days, I wrote some responses to fellow GuangRe fans, but I couldn't post them. I was so sad. That's what we mean by being blocked. It's actually a new feature of the forum - You can just reply to people via the regular way. If there are no other people replying at the same time, it will automatically group them together. Or you can click the "multi quote" option, it is shown as a + beside the word "quote"
  9. Looks like there were a lot of updates/upgrades done to this forum. Feels quite different and I still can't post via my cell phone. Anyway, sharing a little something.... GuangRe fans often share GIFs or photos of their old dramas together, especially V-Love - it's quite noticeable that V eyes for R had always been the same. He only looks at her differently and has this soft and tender look that is so natural (not saying his looks towards other actresses are forced, but it's acting and it's different!) V eyes for R are unchanged since then and has been the same since then!!!
  10. Welcome to the forum!!!!! And thanks for coming out and joining our ship!!! It's absolutely hard not to die from sweetness from these two. I am happy to know they were at least together together!! YAY Why does V and R share a make up artist? I have been reading that everywhere but I can't figure out why. It's probably quiet because the forum has been doing major upgrades - probably blocked some people from responding. I haven't been able to make any posts/responses on my cell phone, which I normally can. I am currently doing these posts via computer. Yes, I am tired of hearing about JH on this forum. Even though it's obvious that R isn't that close to him - a lot of fans misinterpreted plus the show purposely put them together for fans to ship them. It's hard to look past that sometimes. Us GuangRe shippers know better!!!
  11. I am so glad that recent stuff point to the same thing She had been dropping hints of her ideal man sounding like V since a few years back too
  12. I wonder if people are just using the ELOD clips because it's the most recently aired and it was popular? And therefore more people can relate to it? Regardless, I am on your side and digging sugars too, every day......gosh.....so sweeeeeet
  13. It is his first lead role, but I'm sure he really like his role as well. Besides that, I'd love to think that his role is definitely different because of a particular person We will watch and see how he reacts to his other roles. I absolutely agree with you about fan base getting larger and toxic.....
  14. You know what, these days, I love both Reba and Vengo. I love seeing them both individually. I don't really follow just the celebrities these days but I am hooked onto looking for bread crumbs or evidence of their love for each other. Seeing Vengo does make me smile and seeing Reba makes me smile too. I think I find them really perfect for each other. I just ship these two together - I am a bit crazy these days.
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