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  1. Thank you for breaking this down for me, it breaks my head!!! I love it!!!!!! It's been like more than 1 year, I can't believe I'm still following this forum, this hidden sugar is fun to dig and easy to get addicted!
  2. Is this because they are both attending the same event? You know what I find weird? Her feet are cut off from the poster.........
  3. OMG!!!!! This isn't the male lead in the drama.....who is this guy??? And in what context was this??? You bet! When I saw this I was jealousssssssssssssss Thanks for explaining this. Make me super happy!!! I really like how they are piecing out these sugars a while back!
  4. I saw on the chinese site where V couldn't hold his smirk and reaction towards the lipstick..... we think a certain someone is a user of the lipstick...
  5. That's why I find the R and V ship a lot of fun. Especially when celebrities like to hide the truth, there is more fun, and a lot more guessing. Piecing out the puzzle, bit by bit!!!! Happy Valentines Day from Canada
  6. Just saying hi!! You're still around!! I actually had really low expectations for ELOD because I didn't see their storyline as any good from TMOPB. Then I went in for a major surprise. Their chemistry blew me away and I still can't get over those moments they had during their intimate scenes. Here I am! Anyone feel the same? It seems to me that their studio never really responses to these rumors. I honestly don't think they're together because their promotional tries above and beyond to associate them. Even with this news outbreak maybe the media is t
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