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  1. @Seriya love your inputs! I like his looks now more than the boyish tweeny ones . I dont usually drool over Korean actors BUT boy oh boy, HB is an exemption! Aside from that, this is my first ever fans club (or are we a fanclub? I even dont know? ) I joined and I am stuck. What to do?
  2. Mee tooo!! Still my daily habit to check here everyday... Been extra missing our BinJin these past few weeks. I thought I'll move on after Jan 1, but boy oh boy an still here... and probably will.be here for a looong time!
  3. Ahhhhh this solves my intense longing for his two this week! Thank you for sharing @Aya
  4. Yejin exudes strength without loosing essence (feminine) in her latest cf. I love how she represent women in the whole world. Its late but would like to greet everyone here a Happy International Women's day! #betterlatethannever
  5. Dont worry, ur not alone! My swooning just got to even much higher notch when they confirmed
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKBeX_WpaTX/?igshid=1stwma56qrpvl Binjin fandom is like a flash and was able to save the deleted post! Here's a clearer conversation that sounded JY and HB conversing from that deleted post, can someone translate it? A bit intrusive, but then i'll just say "sorry Jinnie coz this makes us soo giddy!!"
  7. Just like during Christmas season when we fill our house with Christmas songs, today we filled our house with CLOY OST, we are intoxicated with SYJ, all of us! From my 8 yr old son, my unemotional eldest son (only emo with CLOy) to my emo daughter to my husband who only likes kdrama lately because of this birthday girl! Yes we r celebrating ur special day! Happy happy birthday beautiful and adorable SYJ! P.s. i know ur lurking here
  8. I jumped on this ship since page 106! Lurked most of the time, commented once only. Today I decided to not lurk anymore but join in the festivity!! I got the news from my husband! He must be a member of some BinJin fan club without my knowledge. And now, me ang my 12 yr old daughter been binging on your comments and its making us giddy! Just this morning I have a feeling that 2021 would be awesome and during our church service my daughter whispers to me those words! Well, i claimed its true then when we got this kind of news on the first day of 2021
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