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  1. The two different translation has two very different implication to the drama. First one implied that there are set rules of traveling between two worlds, which usually would lead to us theorizing them, which has been part of fun all of us do here. The second one is plain and straightforward for viewers to understand that scaring/lightening is not connected to crossing worlds. And this perhaps is truly what writer meant. I wonder how many intrigues and suspense that I got from watching first 10 episodes were actually intended by writer or from bad translation. Part of my discontentment since epi 11 was that those intrigues we thought we saw or understood and theorized in early episodes did not result into anything in later episodes, continuity issue as many of you have said too. Despite of all that, the King is still majestic and a very fast learner. Just look at his first and latest kiss, you see the tremendous growth there.
  2. JTE has street smarts; the King book smarts. I've always found the man with book smart charming and sexy, like Darcy.
  3. @madmad min Are you my long lost twin? I often found you spoke my mind. I am a number person, and to me the everything in the world and everyday life can be explained by and in numbers. That's why this drama caught my eyes in the first place. Just checking in to see how everyone is hanging on till next episode, only to find out Friday show is delayed. That's not bad thing as waiting can only make wanting more intense. Not to say that this drama isn't intense already, particular with last kiss bed scene we got.
  4. To those who are fans of LMH before watching the drama and those becoming fans of two leading actors/actress while watching the drama, I understand where your hearts are and how you all felt about ep 12. I am happy that you all are still living in that sensual moment. @HeretorantYou, of all people, deserved it the most as you have asked for it every single day. and being very persistent for long while. Everyone watches show for different reason and walks away entertained for different reasons.
  5. @gwin That's exactly the dilemma producer has been facing since early on. It felt like producer set out to make a smart fantasy romance for international viewers but was not taken in well domestically; half way through they started to change the course, and people who bought in the original premises were suddenly threw off the loop.
  6. @gwin To, the PM subplot has been all along clear to us, particularly after LR (LL) begun sending her ROK newspaper, and after she asked her ex-husband for arrangement. Her scene in ep 12 was not a surprise nor a clue but rather confirmation of how writer handled this subplot. I did find the scene at Na Ri's Cafe where JY walked in well done. The tension was there when they sized each other up and down with each having their own doubt. Kudo to the actor who plays JES and JY. He shined in this ep.
  7. Has the Neck Kiss Strom passed yet? I must say that ep 12 was my least liked episode so far. It’s not because I did not like the kiss scene, but the whole episode was a show of desperation by production team trying to please certain group of audiences for higher rating. We did not learn much new clues, other than Lady Noh from ROK, and the plot did not move much neither. The whole episode made me feel like watching daytime soap opera or formulaic drama that housewives usually watch, particularly with two scenes – dressing in uniform cooking for his love and the bed scene. The whole dress in uniform cooking for his love was nothing more than fulfilling female viewers’ fantasy. It’s like man’s version of woman dresses in nurse uniform serving meal to her lover. This scene, not only unnecessary, but anticlimactic to the intelligent, intense and serious tone that drama has set or tried to set from prior few episodes leading to ep 12. The Kiss/Bed Scene again was another attempt to entice mostly domestic viewers. The kiss was done nicely and the neck part was sensual as you all said, despite my joking criticism of not being hot enough. The failure of it was not kiss itself delivered by actor and actress, but the marketing PR team leaking it all prior to airing. The built-up expectation might have created some buzz, but it failed to realize into actual sizzle to viewers like me, who weren’t familiar with how intimate scenes were usually handled in Korea. If this drama was done only for domestic market or markets that were familiar with Kdrama, this might be OK. But the drama aired in markets outside those regions to broader viewers who, like me, were just getting to know Kdrama, these leaked stills backfired. I came to like The King because of the perceived time and space bending sci-fi fantasy aspects, to which the prior episodes (up to epi 11) seemed to elude. The explanation of how LG came to recuse JTE in time was a lazy one and took all the excitement and suspense that were building up to this point out of window for me. There were only two brief moments that I was not bored and felt emotionally connected to this drama like I did in past episodes - time frozen when their picture was taken in front of church and JY and SJ bro talk. These two scenes gave us further insight into these 3 characters’ state of mind – LG, JY and SJ , and their consequent actions in next few episodes to end this mess when two worlds collided. LG’s urgency to act before two worlds completely stop, YJ’s unwavering royalty to LG that he can sacrifice himself without a blink of eye, SJ begun seeing KOC and the King differently from JY’s eyes and camaraderie begun to form. This further confirms that SJ's role as one of very key to LG's quest. I hope the production team stays on course to deliver a smart and entertaining drama as the tone set in its premier episode. Surprise and keep us guessing till the end.
  8. I crown JY the sexiest man in Ep12. I ship him with SJ. That bro talk was most heartfelt to me in ep12.
  9. My scene exposed no more skin than neck. Definitely well under PG-13 for public tv. It's all internal I should add, JY showed his sexy chest, and that's more than the scene I wrote.
  10. @Heretorant My dear, yes, neck. But that's not how you do sensual. I was expecting this: He trailed his finger along her throat, and leaned closer to smell and nuzzled her neck. JTE gasped in surprise and let her head fall back exposing her throat to him, and savoring the warmth of his touch. LG slipped his hand under her hair and held her neck, his lips brushing hers as he spoke, “Do you remember the first time we kissed?” I expected it to be heat burning slow kiss that took more than 3 minutes. Not a peck on neck and another peck on lips and a less than 2 second deep kiss that we couldn't see well. They might be making baby LG in there alright. But the foreplay just wasn't what it was promised. Where is the fatal lethal part? I wasn't dead, my mouth didn't drop, my heart wasn't pounding fast. It's all the leaked stills' fault. My expectation was built up too high.
  11. Just finished watching ep 12 and come to write about my thought on scar pain /lighting on those crossing portal and happened to read @mychoiyoung, which said everything I want to say. Thanks!! Those tried to manipulate and alter the result of nature occurrence brought negative (bad) karma onto themselves. This includes LG himself. But why not JTE, because she accepts whatever fate will bring to her. She is not trying to change natural order. Flute must be united and put to safe to restore the balance of two universes. Lady Noh was brought to KOC last time when flute was used to open the gate between two worlds. Was she the love of LG's grandpa? She stayed behind in KOC for love but missed her family and love ones in ROK. That's why she cites those longing poems. Is her story foretelling JTE's? When human tried to alter fate forcefully, whether because of greed or love, against the natural order, we brought tragedy and disaster to ourselves. LG uses flute for love; LR (LL) for power; both against law of nature. @SweetButtersI was thinking that JTE is walking on the footstep of Lady Noh before reading your post. So at least there are two (you and me) thinking the same or similarly, whether right or wrong. Thanks for the link. Looks like the writer wrote fairly tale / folk story than sci-fi that I have been theorizing. I will have to start watching this drama with different lens now.
  12. Haven't watched ep 12 but come in to see if everyone is alright. Any survivors? All died from that promised fatal kiss? Catch up later. I may have to get immunity first to stay alive to resurrect you all from death by fatal kiss. Apparently it surpassed lobster kiss
  13. Comprehensive gift to help adult beauty during a bed scene? Like what? Aromatic body oil? Are they releasing R rated version just for us? Edit: goodnight everyone. For those lucky ones who get to watch earlier than us on this side of Pacific Ocean, have fun.
  14. I am OK for some foreplay in ep 12 and something more earth shattering with extended bed scene coming in ep 13/14 @scrawford your lobster kiss wish may come true
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