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  1. Hello again! I'm sorry I don't get to post as often as I'd like as I work full time. After I posted for the first time regarding HB being smitten by SYJ, somebody asked me about SYJ. I believe that SYJ also likes HB very much, but I think she's a strong and intelligent woman who has been in the business long enough to know that to show her true feelings for HB in public so overtly would work more against the both of them than anythinng else(what with double standards and how K-fans can be very protective of their biases). I'm not saying that she's calculating, but she's careful in public. However, I don't think she would allow HB to get close to her and her family (the fact that it was rumored that he had dinner with her parents) nor visit her in L.A. if she also didn't have any feelings for him. Her glances, her laughter and body language as well, her spontaneity when she is around him speak volumes. Although she may not be as expressive and obvious as HB is, her subtle actions, those that she didn't normally do before are proof that she has opened herself up to this gorgeous man. Sometimes, you have to look at the little changes in one's personality to know how one truly feels and I think this applies to SYJ. When one is in love, there doesn't always have to be bells and whistles nor a loud declaration of one's feelings. The sincerest expressions are often done quietly and subtly. Doesn't it bring a certain feeling of quiet happiness and thrill to think how these two are when they are alone and don't need to hold back? When I look at SYJ, I admire her for she's a very independent, strong woman who doesn't need a man to complete her life, but the fact that she has shown time and time again in her own quiet way that she enjoys being with HB is an affirmation that she has changed because she also feels deeply about him. I personally think that HB and SYJ are good for each other. HB provides a strong, constant support for her. He is secure in his own status and doesn't need to prove anything and won't be intimidated by all of SYJ's achievements, while SYJ's bright personality is probably what first attracted HB the most, given his quiet and serious side. But more than that, it is SYJ's maturity and calmness to handle the stresses that go along simply because they are who they are, are big factors why HB remains drawn to her. Individually, it is obvious that both have nothing to prove because both have stellar backgrounds---looks, acting chops and great personalities. Alone they shine on their own, but together they shine even brightly.
  2. Hi. I'm new to this thread, though I've been following Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin since their movie Negotiation. Although I ship them quietly, I actually believe that both of them are in a serious relationship that's been going for just a little over a year already. If I am mistaken that they are already a couple, then Hyun Bin seriously cares about Ye Jin very deeply. If I may refer back to the grocery pics (in spite of the fact that it has been dissected over and over again), and some people say that they were just doing their groceries together, I doubt it very much that they would only be using 1 cart for both their groceries. I also do grocery shopping with some of my male friends, but always, we do so with SEPARATE grocery carts. Take a look at the contents as well. There's a bottle of wine. It is pretty easy to guess that they were shopping together for an intimate dinner at his or her place afterwards. Also, after taking up my undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology where we extensively learned how to "read" body language, it is also without a doubt that Hyun Bin is smitten with Ye Jin. So take heart, fellow shippers. There is some truth to what that NIS agent in CLOY said about their findings regarding Jeong Hyuk's attitude towards Se Ri. It is but another example of art imitating life.
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