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  1. It can be clearly seen on the last part of this video that the guy is definitely not HB.
  2. AHHHH THIS!!!! SAME HERE!!! I'm 100% convinced just by judging their body language and 200% convinced combined with the grocery shopping Oh and I found this on ig. where the plant was bought They also posted it on their ig story. EDIT: or "Where HB bought the plant" pardon my delulu mind
  3. It was different for me. It may be weird but I always liked watching that kakaolive because I feel like they are more relaxed there. Like a couple/"close friends" who are sure and comfortable with each other. Sure there are less lovey-dovey moments in that video but it made me see them as how usual couples/friends would behave. There were actually a lot of giveaways in that live too. The channel 20, that part where SYJ teased HB abt eating a lot when asked how he prepared for his role as RJH, I also find it cute how HB fixed all the toy money like he doesn't have too but he did, oh and the part when the mc asked him to eat the snacks and HB hesitated and asked YJ "We won't eat it now right?". Not to mention the mc who is obviously a shipper as well and kept saying "Oh you guys must be really close" too many times. That part when HB didn't quite agree nor laughed abt YJ's joke I think it's normal that sometimes you don't find someone's joke funny right? Anyway, I get you and it's probably cause you just miss seeing them together. For me, I am always amazed of how the good signs (for BinJin) outweighs the bad signs. Whenever I'm in doubt (which is hardly the case since I firmly believe that they are more than just friends) I'm always slapped by a new discovery/insights in this forum.
  4. Oh I noticed that too even my best friend agreed with me and can tell through that expression she gave during the press con when asked about the dating rumor. I was like "That's the face I make when I'm caught or trying to cover up/deny something that is true" ㅋㅋㅋ Going back to TN promotion days, that video that YJ posted on her ig with HB holding a mini fan. Anyone noticed that she's trying to hold that giddy smile when HB turned on the fan? I find it so cute and knew that butterflies are all over. Oh and going back to that "friendly hug" at the wrap up party I too was sad for a moment because I thought YJ was acting cold but when I saw YJ moved closer to HB right after they hugged and then smiled and clank glasses with him and the other two across them I smiled so hard that my jaw hurt lol. Ahhhhhh what a time to be alive! BinJin is giving me all these feelings I never get from my deprived love life hahahaha.
  5. Hello, kindly remove the photo from the qouted reply, it's against the soompi rules and the thread already received warnings regarding the issue. This is just wo we can prevent the thread from being suspended for a while. You can just click edit, then highlight the photo or link, and then click delete. Thank you. :D

  6. I'm legit smiling like an idiot alone here in a café I even took a screenshot of your post so I can keep re-reading it. I agree with you this is my exact thoughts about BinJin. Regarding "How and when they started". Also, Hi everyone another lurker here and another firm believer that BinJin is REAL. spent my days just reading the forum starting from page 1 and now I finally caught up. I can't contain myself that's why I decided to finally post and reply.
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