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  1. I really love their bond, friendship. Other than seeing HB together with SYJ at BAA, I would love to see GHY-SYJ picture at the award (since nobody couldn't get their picture together like what have been post in IG) She sure a great friend with warm heart, funny and talkative Ya right, waking up in the morning and you get the news about them. And then, getting ready for sleep, you also get news about them. Also, it's not the same updates. I will be full by their newsfeed for these couple of day (hope we get more and more update)
  2. Well, I don't really sure who's the real admin for that account (it may be HB himself or his team). And it just show the number not the time (whether it is PM or AM) I may be mistake . Just having fun sharing with you guys
  3. The picture shows HB posted on weibo at the same time SYJ went on liking spree. It just about +-10minutes between the updated and likes
  4. Plot twist huh? https://twitter.com/binjinshipper/status/1270677824765145089?s=19
  5. Last night I saw a post of SYJ liking fans posts. Not just a few hours, my IG and twitter timeline full with BinJin videos walking together. Since BAA, there always be a headline for BinJin. I think we never get enough rest and sleep until they made an announcement (I'm even dream of them these few days. Gosh, that make me woke up early because too excited BinJin were in my dream ) I wonder what candies BinJin prepared for us for tomorrow
  6. I hope it's not hack and really hope she's doing this for fun lurking into fans account or, may be for appreciates And please don't close the account, we rarely get the update about her. The only way is her IG. I already damn missing her and wating for her update after BAA. Let's think positive
  7. I wonder what would she think about the post but surely she happy because she spending time to search and like the posts. May I know did you did it alone or with CEO-nim? I bet she gonna visit this forum anytime
  8. We could see clearly he's trying so hard not to smile brightly after look at her like he did before. Well, take a close look at his face. 'Don't smile. Hold yourself'
  9. In my opinion, there's no problem if we discussing about SYJ updated for a few pages. I think this is for BinJin couple. So, it is okay even it's about individual project. Well, it still Son Ye Jin not the other actress. As long as we didn't lost track we can continue make a thread. This is one of the reason we discuss it over here. We have a group to give different point of view or any other sources. Like, who like to talk alone. No one would answer your question, no one asking you, and no one want to share their opinion. Have a nice day
  10. I would love to visit her house. Surely like visiting huge flower garden accompany by beautiful and humble actress
  11. https://metro.style/beauty/makeup/56th-baeksang-arts-awards-son-ye-jin-makeup/25519 Metro Style surely love CEO-nim queen
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