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  1. Hi anyone able tell if this hairstyle is the same as the vogue photoshoot with HY? It looks awefully the same to me. Tho their issue came out in September 2018. This is taken in Jan 2018. Anyone in publishing, can tell how long it takes fr photoshoot to print?
  2. Sequence of events 30-12-18 mota wrap up party 11-01-19 YJ bday 19-01-19 sightings in LA 21-01-19 grocerieswetrust 24-01-19 Hy came back from LA
  3. Yes their cloy interviews, their conversations flow so naturally btw them. when they answer questions... 1) They answer each other's questions 2) they use "we" more often 3) look at each other for confirmation before answering 4) bicker like married couples 5) nod their heads when the other is answering (especially HY) 6) little intimate gestures btw them 7) HY very endearing and soft look at syj. Syj behaving more girlish. 8) HY so often imitating syj little expressions You feel they have each other's back. these are signs that they know each other very well and reach a comfortable stage in their relationship.
  4. Gosh I think they did! I'm not surprised they add it in themselves. You can see from the bts, the director gave them a lot of freewill to express their characters. And we see them discussing btw themselves certain scenes. And syj is known to be very immersed in her role, adding new ideas to her role. E.g.SITR. and of course this time, their comfort level with each other is off the charts. They are really going all out with this drama. P.s. while the scenery is very beautiful, but can the camera stop spinning! I have trouble enlarging and scrutinizing the last bit of them kissing.
  5. Hi my 2cents thoughts on why they are not gonna announce anything until marriage is on the cards. So if this ship is smooth, the only news we will hear about them together is wedding news. We all know syj is a strong and fiesty woman. (GHY gives a very good description about her good friend in MOTH) She has never admitted to any dating speculations. Hb we all know he has. Now, they have denied multiple times, I believe it's cos syj is the more level headed one and didn't want to let the whole world know. And on the other hand, our dear HB is the more emo one when it comes to relationships. He is supposed to shut up...BUT his body language betrayed him. Ha... He couldn't contain his happiness once he is in love. Hence, we see such contrast in him in his interviews with syj. He is so cute in some of his interviews with her. He couldn't hide is attraction and admiration for his lady love. So I'm sure they are dating now. If they are fated to be together for the long run, we will hear good news. On the bright side, they are both of marriageable age now, we don't have to wait very long.
  6. There bottom left. Look at that puppy eyes. So soft and yearning...Right after he said his definition of happy. A man in love is sooo sweet to watch.
  7. Hi done! Sorry in my haste forgot. Love the music score of SQ. I thought he and shk were cute together. But I didn't ship him with her or anyone until now. I've been living under the rock, how can I missed syj. She is such a solid actress. And I love her personality so much after watching some of her movies and interviews. She is so spunky and witty. Love her laughter.
  8. I've been following him since the snow queen. Watched his bts and interviews on and off. I haven't heard that laugh before too. He is just soooo relax and comfortable here. They look like a happily married couple doing interview in their living room. There are so many gems in this video. The one where syj answers how she kept healthy. Catch his knowing grin. And the part where they were asked to describe the definition of a happy life. Watch him turn to syj immediately after finished.
  9. Yes he said it at negotiation press tour. Now I'm curious since he has said it before why the sudden dorky expression the second time he said that.
  10. It is this video https://youtu.be/TqS-zm5TqS-zm5HY-o. At 2.09. It's with eng sub. Goodness he is so obvious. But I've seen another video of him giving the same answer. I can't remember its negotiation or cloy videos. Can someone enlighten.
  11. SITR kisses are plenty but nowhere as deep as this one. Hi @seoshi.love. yes I retract. Indeed late autumn has very good kiss. Very....long. Still this kiss with syj is so deep and meaningful like his soul is attached to it. I get more feel from him than syj tho. Nevertheless, compared to his other kisses, this one feels different.
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