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  1. The only thing that worries me is the schedule and now the coronavirus, it is a dangerous situation even for Seungho to be recording, but let's always hope for the best. Hopefully they can both go to variety shows, I don't know Lee Se young that's why I was surprised by her personality, but I was glad to meet her, she looks very nice and I'm glad she has such a good relationship with Seungho. Now I think it would be good for fans to plan something to generate trend on the day of the premiere and generate interest in people. Go to twitter or other social networks and talk about the drama, search Seungho name, Lee Seyoung and the drama in naver, a lot of things that as fans we can do so that he feels our support in the networks. Remember also that tomorrow at 2 p.m. of Korea there will be a stream of the press conference of the drama.
  2. I'm relieved now, I saw a lot of material and the interview that TvN did was very funny, the chemistry between the two is very good, although many have talked about whether or not there will be romance due to the theme of the drama. It would be fun too if Seungho attended a variety show with Lee Seyoung since she makes him talk and laugh a lot, it could be a good pair to go to a program together
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