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  1. I'm wondering when did rjh starts to fall for ysr? At episode 2 he was already v attentive to her needs by buying the shampoos and clothes for her. I thought it was very out of his character to be attentive to strangers
  2. I think the f4 may have realised it when rjh was in the hospital in NK. There's this patient who was a bts fan who said that ysr said RJH was the babe magnet. Rjh was smiling throughout when joo mok explained what that meant. So I guess the f4 might have discovered it then
  3. Just a question. In the episode where cho choel gang was on trial, I saw that Dan's uncle was nodding at the judge. Does it mean anything? I thought something fishy was going on but it wasnt explained anywhere. Cho also said that captain ri missed out on something. Anyone have any idea what is it ? Thanks Anyone recall when was the first time rjh said I love you to se ri?
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